Which Canadian summer Olympic star would be the most successful skier? Total Votes: 238
Kyle Shewfelt Votes: %6
Perdita Felicien Votes: %14
Brent Hayden Votes: %5
Adam van Koeverden Votes: %34
Marie-Helene Premont Votes: %41
What throws you off preparation for the best performance you're capable of? Total Votes: 216
TV Watching Votes: %7
Nachos Votes: %15
Overtraining Votes: %19
Work Votes: %21
Money Votes: %21
Sleep Votes: %17
After life as a racer, where do you see your involvement in skiing? Total Votes: 211
Coaching Votes: %44
Officiating Votes: %5
Grooming Votes: %7
All of the above Votes: %11
After I hang up the bib that will be it Votes: %33
How often do you wash your racing suit? Total Votes: 200
After every race Votes: %28
Following a couple of races Votes: %41
Once a month Votes: %9
At the end of the race season Votes: %22
When will you go for your first roller ski? Total Votes: 215
Already have Votes: %4
Toward the end of April Votes: %8
Beginning of May Votes: %24
End of May Votes: %20
June Votes: %19
In July or sometime after that Votes: %26
Which sport would an elite xc skier have the easiest time transitioning to, and then, attaining a competitive level? Total Votes: 202
Rowing Votes: %15
Nordic Combined Votes: %14
Cycling Votes: %42
Luge Votes: %9
Speed Skating Votes: %19
How many races did you start this year? Total Votes: 210
0 Votes: %11
1-5 Votes: %18
6-10 Votes: %13
11-15 Votes: %12
16-20 Votes: %13
20+ Votes: %33
skifaster.net Reader Survey - Are you competing this week at the Canadian Championships? Total Votes: 175
Yes Votes: %35
No Votes: %65
As a whole, how do you think the North American World Cup racers performed this year? Total Votes: 200
Beyond my expectations Votes: %34
I was hoping for more Votes: %20
About what I expected Votes: %46
If you could only do one loppet, which would you choose? Total Votes: 175
Gatineau Loppet Votes: %33
American Birkebeiner Votes: %20
Canadian Birkebeiner Votes: %13
Kananaskis Ski Marathon Votes: %21
Maple Syrup Stampede Votes: %14
If global warming eliminated the possibility of snow outdoors, would you still train for the ski tunnel racing circuit? Total Votes: 201
No, racing in the outdoor beauty is why I compete Votes: %58
Yes, Iím addicted, regardless of the venue Votes: %22
No, tunnels make me feel claustrophobic Votes: %5
Yes, Iíd actually train harder as tunnel racing is where I really excel Votes: %15
With two years until the Vancouver Olympics, do you think Canada will achieve its goal of being the top medal winning nation in 2010? Total Votes: 225
Yes Votes: %25
No Votes: %75
Which of these Democratic/Republican frontrunners would make the best ski coach? Total Votes: 190
John McCain Votes: %17
Barack Obama Votes: %56
Mitt Romney Votes: %9
Hillary Clinton Votes: %17
Have you or will you do a loppet this year? Total Votes: 201
Yes Votes: %57
No Votes: %43
How will you follow the Canmore World Cups? Total Votes: 201
Standing on the course with my cowbell Votes: %35
Taking in live coverage from CBC Country Canada Votes: %23
Hitting refresh continuously with a live update provider Votes: %13
Checking results at some point later in the day Votes: %22
Won't bother seeing how they unfold Votes: %6
With the XC World Cup congregating in Canada, who would you have join you for coffee? Total Votes: 150
Jurg Capol Votes: %5
Vegard Ulvang Votes: %34
Jochen Behle Votes: %11
Pete Vordenberg Votes: %6
Gunde Svan Votes: %27
other Votes: %17
How many medals will Canadians win during the Canmore World Cup week? Total Votes: 200
0 Votes: %29
1 Votes: %33
2 Votes: %22
3 Votes: %8
4+ Votes: %8
Should women's ski jumping be part of the 2010 Olympics? Total Votes: 176
Yes Votes: %75
No Votes: %25
Who would you first want to talk to after the best race of your life? Total Votes: 150
Parents Votes: %32
BFF Votes: %15
Partner Votes: %27
Your competition who's usually good for a lot of post race trash talk Votes: %25
Who's most likely to be a Tour de Ski winner this year? Total Votes: 177
Tobias Angerer Votes: %17
Virpi Kuitunen Votes: %16
Axel Teichmann Votes: %24
Marit Bjoergen Votes: %32
Alexander Legkov Votes: %2
Tor Arne Hetland Votes: %10
Do you understand the LTAD model? Total Votes: 100
Sure thing Votes: %24
Not a clue Votes: %14
What's LTAD? Votes: %39
Never read it Votes: %23
Will you have snow for Christmas? Total Votes: 200
Guaranteed Votes: %88
It'll be close Votes: %8
No chance Votes: %2
We never do Votes: %2
We did once, but never again Votes: %2
Were you inconvenienced by the weather that seemed to hit the entire country this past week? Total Votes: 200
Snow equals skiing - never an inconvenience! Votes: %70
Yes, I had to stop driving and get a hotel room Votes: %7
What I went through cannot be described as a mere inconvenience Votes: %14
What are you talking about? I still see grass Votes: %8
Would you rent a World Cup race DVD from your local video store? Total Votes: 200
For sure Votes: %50
Not a chance Votes: %19
If I knew that the race ended with a great North American result Votes: %8
Why bother, I already download Votes: %23
Which North American will be the first to win a World Cup medal this year? Total Votes: 200
Chandra Crawford Votes: %20
Andy Newell Votes: %24
Devon Kershaw Votes: %32
Kikkan Randall Votes: %4
Sara Renner Votes: %14
Other Votes: %6
What would you change about race formats? Total Votes: 200
Bring back the two-day pursuit Votes: %38
More NorAm 15/30km Votes: %26
Forget the mass start Votes: %16
Top 16 only Votes: %5
Who cares! Loppets are the way to go Votes: %16
Top reason to carpool to the ski trails Total Votes: 200
Someone else has to scrape the windshield Votes: %10
Getting into a car that's already nice and warm Votes: %18
It cuts emissions reducing global warming Votes: %38
It's fun to ride with friends Votes: %23
Someone always brings treats Votes: %12
Signs you're getting nervous about not having snow? Total Votes: 150
Checking webcams obsessively Votes: %23
Running to the window in the morning Votes: %12
The weather forecast makes you sad Votes: %39
I won't vote- that might jinx it. Votes: %12
You've become passionate about Global Warming Votes: %11
I'm in the Yukon, the skiing is great! Votes: %3
Most annoying finish line antics? Total Votes: 150
Fainting right on the line Votes: %15
Tantrum equipment throw Votes: %49
Crossing the line backwards Votes: %13
Complete non emotion Votes: %10
Excessive exuberance Votes: %13
What's your outlook on racing for this winter? Total Votes: 150
I'll race as much as I can Votes: %10
I'll spend thousands and follow the Canada Cup Votes: %15
I'll race a healthy mix of local and national races Votes: %37
I'll focus on an international event Votes: %17
I'll race locally Votes: %21
Most common myth held by athletes? Total Votes: 150
When I rest I'll be fast. Votes: %11
If it doesn't kill you, it'll make you stronger. Votes: %31
Beer is a recovery drink. Votes: %15
Money makes you fast. Votes: %11
A 24-hour athlete means being focused on skiing 24 hours a day. Votes: %14
OMG, those aren't true? Votes: %19
Why do you vote on the polls? Total Votes: 150
Out of habit Votes: %43
I feel passionate about the issues Votes: %22
I want to count Votes: %22
I don't, I try to avoid them Votes: %13
Do you get a flu shot every year? Total Votes: 151
Yes Votes: %27
No Votes: %73
What do you between back to back race days? Total Votes: 150
Just warm down Votes: %20
Run in the evening Votes: %13
Go for another workout Votes: %4
Stretch and relax Votes: %29
Watch TV Votes: %12
Have a beer Votes: %23
If you weren't a ski muggle which spell would you cast to help your training or a friends? Total Votes: 150
Vastus medialus developus Votes: %11
Lactate vincere Votes: %37
Pulmo maximosis Votes: %22
Ossus repairus Votes: %11
Technic incendio Votes: %19
Which skier bumper sticker would you put on your car? Total Votes: 150
Shape happens Votes: %16
Proud parent of a National Medallist Votes: %5
Honk if you love klister Votes: %49
My other car's an Audi Votes: %13
My kid beat up your medallist. Votes: %17
Is skiing right wing? Total Votes: 150
Yes, it's competition with winners and losers Votes: %45
Yes, nature vs nurture: nature always wins Votes: %12
No, we're all in this together Votes: %12
No, all that matters is you've tried your best Votes: %12
Yes, there are two i's in skiing Votes: %13
No, there are no i's in team Votes: %6
How would you best describe your work environment? Total Votes: 150
Positive and invigorating Votes: %13
Respectful and productive Votes: %12
Fun, friendly and we work too! Votes: %26
Soul deadening Votes: %49
What film best identifies with your summer so far? Total Votes: 100
Greece Votes: %7
How to lose a guy in 10 days. Votes: %5
Run, Lola Run Votes: %18
Touching the void Votes: %9
Wedding crashers Votes: %28
Why do I bother with these polls? Votes: %33
If you could do it all over again what would you have done differently? Total Votes: 100
Kissed her/him. Votes: %34
Come out of the closet earlier. Votes: %13
Written more poetry. Votes: %2
Invented that thing. Votes: %5
Told you know who off. Votes: %10
Done more intervals. Votes: %36
What kind of skiers make the best lovers? Total Votes: 150
Sprinters Votes: %34
Loppet skiers Votes: %13
Masters Votes: %17
Coaches Votes: %7
University/College Votes: %13
They're all lousy Votes: %17
What's a hot name for a skiers lip gloss shade? Total Votes: 150
Red hot klister Votes: %35
Juicy glutes glam Votes: %5
Lactate lush Votes: %29
Buff me beige Votes: %7
Fluro glide glitter Votes: %17
Petter in pink Votes: %8
As a skier how will you be remembered? Won medals,.... Total Votes: 100
Initiated programs to inspire youth. Votes: %19
Championed the environment through action. Votes: %14
Advanced the technology in skiing Votes: %5
Documented skiing in an exciting way. Votes: %4
Championed fairness through action. Votes: %22
It's not too late to put something here. Votes: %36
What inspires you to ski? Total Votes: 150
The feeling of fitness and testing your limits Votes: %39
The thrill of competition Votes: %20
The joy of nature and the outdoors Votes: %14
The people who share your passion Votes: %5
The money and status Votes: %9
Being able to eat as much as you want Votes: %13
How big would the national team be if you were the boss? Total Votes: 200
It's just right Votes: %9
40 athletes Votes: %11
30 athletes Votes: %12
20 athletes Votes: %44
less than 10 Votes: %10
cut the whole team Votes: %15
Best skier licence plate? Total Votes: 200
GONSKIING Votes: %25
ILUVRCS Votes: %9
AAP Votes: %17
WORKNSKI Votes: %9
2POOR2DRV Votes: %40
Looking out your window right now, you see: Total Votes: 201
Snow - and I'm pumped Votes: %9
Snow - and I'm crying Votes: %17
Rain-rain-go-away-come-again-another-day Votes: %10
Sunny - and it's 20 degrees Votes: %51
Another building - get me out of the city. Votes: %8
Surf and a Beach - I'm on vacation Votes: %4
What's more enjoyable to you? Total Votes: 150
Backountry skiing on a sunny day Votes: %18
A hug from a friend Votes: %4
A delicious cappucino on a balcony Votes: %3
A glass of red wine with your lover Votes: %3
Friends and family together talking and laughing Votes: %11
How can I vote for one when I enjoy them all? Votes: %61
When do you start training for next winter? Total Votes: 150
I never stop Votes: %33
Next week Votes: %20
Maybe in May Votes: %35
Next winter Votes: %12
What was the highlight for Canadian skiing this winter? Total Votes: 150
Harvey's WMJ Bronze Votes: %84
Kershaw/Goldsack 6th in WM Team Sprint Votes: %6
Crawford 3rd in TDS Stage 1 Votes: %3
Kershaw 2nd in TDS Stage 1 Votes: %7
How would you rate Canada's International performances over the past year? Total Votes: 150
Awesome Votes: %10
Pretty good Votes: %25
Acceptable Votes: %27
Below expectations Votes: %30
Very poor Votes: %9
At the end of the season are you... Total Votes: 150
Itching for more races? Votes: %19
Tired and worn out? Votes: %19
Ready for summer? Votes: %47
Ready for retirement? Votes: %15
How was media coverage of Canada Winter Games? Total Votes: 150
Awesome! Votes: %12
Dismal Votes: %45
Good when the Yukon won Votes: %9
I don't have a TV and can't read Votes: %19
I only watch the OC Votes: %15
Should some races be given a CPL 'penalty' off their normal calculated penalty? Total Votes: 153
Makes no sense Votes: %17
It's good Votes: %8
Who cares Votes: %24
I don't understand Votes: %51
Will the Belarussian junior ever win another world's medal? Total Votes: 125
Never again Votes: %49
Later this week Votes: %7
Someday Votes: %44
Will the 50km in Sapporo be a nightmare for waxing? Total Votes: 150
It'll be fine Votes: %26
Complete nightmare Votes: %53
Canadians will rule either way Votes: %21
What sport will you do when there is no more snow? Total Votes: 150
Roller skiing Votes: %14
Running Votes: %35
Cycling Votes: %39
Water skiing Votes: %7
Yoga Votes: %4
Aerobics Votes: %1
What are you doing for the next month? Total Votes: 150
Loppets Votes: %18
Training for Nationals Votes: %45
Wishing there were more races Votes: %8
World Champs Votes: %8
Praying for spring Votes: %11
Working Votes: %11
What's the peak development after for male skiers? Total Votes: 150
18 Votes: %8
20 Votes: %2
24 Votes: %12
28 Votes: %40
30 Votes: %15
32 Votes: %23
What's peak development age for female skiers? Total Votes: 150
18 Votes: %13
20 Votes: %5
24 Votes: %12
28 Votes: %37
30 Votes: %15
32 Votes: %17
What's your main event for the rest of the winter? Total Votes: 150
World Champs Votes: %19
A local Loppet Votes: %13
Keski Votes: %11
Nationals Votes: %46
Birkie Votes: %7
High School Champs Votes: %4
What's your "secret weapon" for staying healthy in winter? Total Votes: 150
Antibacterial hand wash Votes: %15
Touch nothing! Votes: %13
Sleep, sleep, sleep Votes: %30
Cold FX Votes: %15
Vitamins Votes: %6
Lots of fresh veggies Votes: %21
How do you deal with very cold weather? Total Votes: 150
Stay inside Votes: %9
Bundle up Votes: %59
Electric hand warmers Votes: %5
Ski very fast Votes: %15
Train indoors Votes: %3
Lots of wool Votes: %9
Should European teams train more in Canada in preparation for 2010? Total Votes: 150
Definitely Votes: %29
When the venue is ready Votes: %15
It's not worth it Votes: %16
Maybe in the offseason Votes: %7
Never gonna happen Votes: %33
When will eastern Canada finally get winter? Total Votes: 100
Soon! Votes: %21
Never gonna happen Votes: %21
Next winter Votes: %26
End of January Votes: %23
March Votes: %9
What do you make of the Canadian team's Tour de Ski results? Total Votes: 100
Unbelievable Votes: %19
I knew it was coming Votes: %20
Just the start... Votes: %61
What are your plans for New Years? Total Votes: 150
Party Hard Votes: %31
Midnight Ski Votes: %9
Early to Bed Votes: %40
Celebrate London's New Years Votes: %9
Sit on a plane Votes: %11
What kind of pony did you get for Christmas? Total Votes: 100
Highland Pony Votes: %12
Dartmoor Pony Votes: %8
Escalade Pony Votes: %30
Shetland Pony Votes: %33
Hacknet Pony Votes: %4
Exmor Pony Votes: %13
What do you want for Christmas? Total Votes: 100
Skis Votes: %9
Poles Votes: %7
Boots Votes: %15
Candy Votes: %10
Computer games Votes: %7
A Pony Votes: %52
Where should the World Cup start each year for the most reliable snow? Total Votes: 150
Canada Votes: %59
USA Votes: %3
Scandinavia Votes: %28
Russia Votes: %6
Cental Europe Votes: %4
What's your favorite post ski drink? Total Votes: 150
Coffee Votes: %9
Recovey drink Votes: %36
Beer Votes: %18
Water Votes: %15
Hot Chocolate Votes: %13
Juice Votes: %9
Will the Tour de Ski make it to a second edition? Total Votes: 150
Sure thing Votes: %35
Not a chance Votes: %13
Only on non-Olympic / World Champs years Votes: %53
Which team has the coolest suit this year? Total Votes: 153
Canadian team Votes: %27
INDi2010 Votes: %42
Training Centres Votes: %18
X-C.com Votes: %14
When will your first race of the year be? Total Votes: 100
I've already done it Votes: %22
Tomorrow Votes: %13
Next week Votes: %17
Soon if the snow comes Votes: %16
Christmas Votes: %15
The new year Votes: %17
Do you think we'll ever ski on completely artificial snow that lasts well above freezing? Total Votes: 150
Yes, and soon Votes: %50
I doubt it Votes: %30
If we do, I'm done Votes: %20
In the recent cross Canada snow storms, did you get snow? Total Votes: 152
Sure did Votes: %47
Nope Votes: %38
Nearby Votes: %16
Will Peter Northug be the next Bjorn Daehlie? Total Votes: 150
Too early to tell Votes: %26
Looks like it Votes: %21
There will never be another BD Votes: %53
Which team will have a better year on World Cup? Total Votes: 150
Canada Votes: %71
USA Votes: %29
Should Canada build a ski tunnel? Total Votes: 150
Sure thing Votes: %46
Who wants to ski inside? Votes: %15
It would cost too much Votes: %16
Get CODA to pay Votes: %23
What's your focus for the winter? Total Votes: 150
Just skiing Votes: %27
Loppets Votes: %14
World Masters Votes: %2
NorAm Votes: %25
World Cup Votes: %17
High School/University Votes: %16
Once winter hits, how much running do you keep in your training? Total Votes: 100
About the same Votes: %4
Half hour here and there Votes: %62
None, I hate running Votes: %24
As much as possible Votes: %10
Who will win the women's World Cup opener in Dusseldorf? Total Votes: 100
Marjit Bjoergen Votes: %39
Anna Dahlberg Votes: %8
Evi Sachenbacher Votes: %4
Claudia Kuenzel Votes: %11
Virpi Kuitunen Votes: %2
A dark horse Votes: %36
Do you prefer warm weather or cold in October? Total Votes: 100
Warm Votes: %23
Cold Votes: %21
Who cares Votes: %11
Snow Votes: %45
What's the most important type of fall training? Total Votes: 150
Visualization Votes: %9
Roller skiing Votes: %22
Snow hunting Votes: %10
Yoga Votes: %6
Running Votes: %10
Hard intensity Votes: %43
You arrive at the first races of the year in... Total Votes: 100
the best shape of your life Votes: %16
ready to rock Votes: %44
looking to prepare for the rest of the winter Votes: %40
Where do you think the best consistant early season snow in Canada is? Total Votes: 100
ForÍt Montmorency Votes: %22
Silver Star Votes: %58
Hay River Votes: %7
Timmins Votes: %2
Thuner Bay Votes: %7
Whitehorse Votes: %4
When you see pictures of early season skiing online, do you feel... Total Votes: 100
jealous Votes: %37
like moving Votes: %8
excited for winter Votes: %28
homicidal tendencies Votes: %7
sorry for the people Votes: %6
warm and fuzzy Votes: %14
Would you rather that ski waxing... Total Votes: 100
didn't exist Votes: %40
was so easy it took seconds Votes: %27
stayed the way it is Votes: %16
took longer Votes: %7
was more scientific Votes: %10
What's your dream prize in a ski race? Total Votes: 100
Money Votes: %39
Car Votes: %22
Trip to Mexico Votes: %6
A pig Votes: %14
Love Votes: %19
How often do you get a new racing suit? Total Votes: 101
Every year Votes: %12
When it's see-through Votes: %11
When people laugh at me Votes: %6
When my club does Votes: %56
Terinit forever Votes: %15
What will WADA try to ban next? Total Votes: 100
Lactate Testing Votes: %32
Cars Votes: %13
Heart rate monitors Votes: %11
Racing while breathing Votes: %44
Should altitude simulation tents be banned? Total Votes: 100
No way Votes: %35
Definitely Votes: %20
How would it be monitored? Votes: %45
Where is the best location to have a dryland camp? Total Votes: 139
There is no good place Votes: %6
At home Votes: %12
In the mountains Votes: %42
At sea-level Votes: %3
Far, far away Votes: %37
Should there be an international standard of roller ski speed? Total Votes: 150
Yes, do it! Votes: %41
Are you nuts? Votes: %27
The faster the better... Votes: %19
Then how would I win? Votes: %13
What is your favorite elevation to race at? Total Votes: 100
Sea-level Votes: %51
About 1000m Votes: %19
Around 1500m Votes: %12
Near the 1800m limit Votes: %4
The higher the better Votes: %14
Would it be good for Canada to have an October NorAm as the World Cup does in Dusseldorf? Total Votes: 100
Yes, get the season started Votes: %32
Doesn't make any sense Votes: %27
Yeah, but on what snow? Votes: %41
If there was a ski tunnel somewhere in Canada would you travel to it? Total Votes: 150
For sure Votes: %51
Depends how far away it is Votes: %32
If the loop was long enough Votes: %13
Not a chance Votes: %5
Should Landis be burned on a stake if his B-sample is positive in such a doping riddled season? Total Votes: 101
Yes Votes: %58
No Votes: %28
Throw him in the looney bin Votes: %14
What should the penalty be for a Zidane-like head butt in a ski race? Total Votes: 134
Red card Votes: %16
1min penalty Votes: %1
High-fives all around Votes: %26
One pole for the rest of the race Votes: %25
Game on Votes: %32
How well do you feel roller skiing simulates snow skiing? Total Votes: 150
Identical Votes: %3
90% Votes: %11
80% Votes: %17
70% Votes: %37
Depends on the roller ski Votes: %18
Not at all Votes: %13
As spring transitions to summer, are you... Total Votes: 150
More eager to ski Votes: %38
Less eager to ski Votes: %7
Having trouble caring Votes: %37
Dying for snow Votes: %19
Do you feel you have a strong level of communication with your national cross-country governing body? Total Votes: 150
Definitely Votes: %10
It's good, but could be better Votes: %18
I'm not happy with it Votes: %13
It's non-existent Votes: %59
Would you pay an extra $20 for your racing license to see the US and Canadian NorAms reunited? Total Votes: 150
Absolutely Votes: %55
No way Votes: %17
Why should I pay? Votes: %27
I'd pay a lot more Votes: %2
Should Canada and the US have domestic ski stage races? Total Votes: 150
Absolutely Votes: %38
See how the Tour de Ski goes first Votes: %37
No way, it's lame Votes: %21
Yes, but I won't do it Votes: %5
Are you a fan of the FIS Tour de Ski concept? Total Votes: 165
Yes, it's awesome Votes: %42
I'm not sold Votes: %14
It seems lame Votes: %5
Fun to watch, but I'd hate to ski it Votes: %12
FIS is trying too hard Votes: %27
When do you plan to be back on snow? Total Votes: 100
I'm always on snow Votes: %14
Not until next fall Votes: %42
Perhaps in June Votes: %3
This summer on a glacier Votes: %18
This summer in a ski tunnel Votes: %3
As soon as possible Votes: %20
What's the worst thing about spring? Total Votes: 100
Not enough racing Votes: %7
Working full time Votes: %6
Exams Votes: %41
Hanging out with my friends Votes: %11
The melting snow Votes: %9
Nothing, I love it Votes: %26
How long will you wait to begin roller skiing? Total Votes: 100
Already started Votes: %8
I never stopped Votes: %5
Atleast until May Votes: %28
Atleast until June Votes: %25
As long as I can Votes: %17
I'd prefer to wait forever Votes: %17
If both Beckie and Sara decide to retire, do you think the Canadian Team will lose momentum? Total Votes: 200
No way, the team is strong Votes: %31
Not with Crawford there! Votes: %12
It might happen, but I hope not Votes: %32
Yeah, it happens Votes: %24
Are you a big fan of the proposed FIS Tour de Ski? Total Votes: 200
It's a great idea Votes: %25
A total sham Votes: %12
We'll see what happens Votes: %22
It could be good Votes: %26
I think it's too hard Votes: %4
Nobody will care about it Votes: %11
When is your last race of the season? Total Votes: 100
Already done Votes: %72
Next week Votes: %13
Not for a couple of weeks Votes: %3
I never stop racing! Votes: %12
Are you... Total Votes: 100
ready for the season to be over? Votes: %17
just getting started? Votes: %10
looking forward to the last few races? Votes: %24
dying for some sweet crust skiing? Votes: %19
dying for the beach? Votes: %30
How long will the snow last where you live? Total Votes: 100
It's already gone Votes: %8
It never came Votes: %11
All summer long! Votes: %5
End of March, tops Votes: %23
End of April if we're lucky Votes: %52
It could be gone any day now Votes: %1
How many Olympic medals will Chandra win in her career? Total Votes: 100
1 Votes: %35
2 Votes: %16
3 Votes: %18
4 Votes: %8
5 Votes: %4
6 or more Votes: %19
Do you think CTV's coverage in the next Olympics will exceed CBC's coverage? Total Votes: 100
Absolutely Votes: %10
Doubtful Votes: %56
Keeping my fingers crossed Votes: %34
How would to rate CBC Olympic coverage this year? Total Votes: 100
10/10 Votes: %20
The best in the world Votes: %14
Good, but not great Votes: %48
I've seen better Votes: %13
Going downhill Votes: %5
I haven't been watching Votes: %0
Do you regularly download World Cup TV coverage? Total Votes: 100
Yes Votes: %40
Sometimes Votes: %20
I plan to Votes: %6
Never done it Votes: %34
Have you subscribed to digital cable to get full Olympic coverage of XC from CBC? Total Votes: 100
Yes Votes: %19
No Votes: %55
Already have it Votes: %6
Too expensive Votes: %20
Do you think that global warming is effecting ski conditions? Total Votes: 100
Definitely Votes: %70
No, global warming is a hoax Votes: %9
Snow is worse, but it's a natural phenomenom Votes: %14
Snow seems good to me Votes: %7
If a trip was fully organized for you, would you pay to go watch the Olympics in Torino? Total Votes: 100
Yes Votes: %29
No Votes: %16
If the price was reasonable Votes: %55
How many Olympic XC medals will the US bring home? Total Votes: 100
1 Votes: %65
2 Votes: %10
3 Votes: %8
4 Votes: %3
5 Votes: %2
6 or more Votes: %12
How many Olympic XC medals will Canada bring home? Total Votes: 100
1 Votes: %14
2 Votes: %19
3 Votes: %31
4 Votes: %20
5 Votes: %7
6 or more Votes: %9
The first ski race I ever won was... Total Votes: 100
a jackrabbit race Votes: %42
a loppet Votes: %11
as a junior Votes: %28
as a master skier Votes: %3
at nationals Votes: %3
still waiting Votes: %13
I stretch... Total Votes: 100
After every workout Votes: %9
Once a day Votes: %17
Once a week Votes: %22
Very rarely Votes: %41
Once in a lifetime Votes: %11
Do you think holding ski races provides an economic boost for small towns? Total Votes: 100
Substantially Votes: %17
Yes, but it's small Votes: %53
Only nationals and big loppets Votes: %24
No chance Votes: %6
Should some continuous pursuit races start with skating first? Total Votes: 100
Absolutely Votes: %17
No, stupid idea Votes: %30
It would make waxing to hard Votes: %14
Sure, give it a try Votes: %39
Ski Fantasies: Which do you dream about most? Total Votes: 100
Infinite Grip that lets you climb vertical Votes: %48
Frictionless Glide that's so fast it's scary Votes: %52
What's your race morning breakfast? Total Votes: 109
Oatmeal Votes: %31
Toast Votes: %21
Eggs Votes: %21
Cereal Votes: %20
Eggo Waffles Votes: %4
Pancakes Votes: %3
What do you do to please the snow gods? Total Votes: 100
Burn skis Votes: %12
Dance and chant Votes: %5
Dance and chant naked Votes: %62
Go nordic walking Votes: %15
Cast a spell Votes: %0
Spin around 5 times, jump on one foot Votes: %6
What will the New Year bring you? Total Votes: 100
Lots of gold medals Votes: %19
Fast skis Votes: %9
Rain Votes: %10
Snow Votes: %14
Better looking abs Votes: %15
Love Votes: %33
What are your favorite ski conditions? Total Votes: 100
New snow, -10C Votes: %39
Colder than -15C and squeaky Votes: %6
Warm and sunny Votes: %24
Whenever I'm fast Votes: %31
Would it be a worthwhile investment for the Canadian ski community to bring the World Cup to Canada every year? Total Votes: 100
Yes Votes: %88
No Votes: %12
How are you spending your holiday? Total Votes: 150
Training hard Votes: %43
Eating a lot of turkey Votes: %10
Drinking egg nog Votes: %4
Drinking harder stuff Votes: %29
Dreaming of Torino Votes: %8
Racing Votes: %7
What is the best Christmas gift for a skier? Total Votes: 100
Skis, poles or boots Votes: %11
Fancy new ski clothes Votes: %18
$$ Wax Votes: %6
Tons of snow Votes: %25
New snow, -10C, Extra Blue Votes: %28
Ski cleaning for a year Votes: %12
How many Canadian teams will qualify for the final in Sunday's World Cup team sprint? Total Votes: 113
2 Votes: %55
4 Votes: %32
6 Votes: %7
8 Votes: %2
10 Votes: %4
What points system provides the best indicator of athlete performance? Total Votes: 150
CPL Points Votes: %45
FIS Points Votes: %48
USSA Points Votes: %7
How many Canadians will score top 30 finishes in the World Cups in December? Total Votes: 100
2 Votes: %16
3 Votes: %13
4 Votes: %25
5 Votes: %19
6 Votes: %7
7+ Votes: %20
Should CCC select athletes to the Canadian National Team mid-season? Total Votes: 100
Yes Votes: %48
No Votes: %52
If there was indoor skiing in Canada would you use it for summer/fall training? Total Votes: 100
Yes Votes: %63
No Votes: %12
If I could afford it Votes: %25
What boots do you use for continuous pursuits? Total Votes: 101
Special pursuit boots Votes: %32
Skate boots Votes: %38
Classic boots Votes: %4
Never done one Votes: %27
Do you think World Cup coverage on CBC in December will be well watched? Total Votes: 100
Yes Votes: %58
No Votes: %26
Depends on Canadian results Votes: %16
What is used to groom your local ski trails? Total Votes: 100
Piston-Bully Votes: %77
Snowmobile Votes: %14
Feet Votes: %4
Wind Votes: %5
How many World Cups will Bjoergen win this winter? Total Votes: 100
2 Votes: %4
4 Votes: %1
6 Votes: %14
8 Votes: %22
10 Votes: %23
12+ Votes: %36
How acurately does your local weather report predict snow at this time of year? Total Votes: 100
It's like they're psychic Votes: %16
They're right as often as a coin toss Votes: %50
They must use another countries forecast Votes: %22
They've yet to be right Votes: %12
Do you think the cold weather race limit should be raised to -15C? Total Votes: 101
Yes, it's dangerous the way it is Votes: %32
No, suck it up, it's fine Votes: %50
FIS should study it more Votes: %19
How many web cams do you check regularly at this time of year? Total Votes: 100
1 Votes: %46
2 Votes: %20
3 Votes: %11
4 Votes: %1
5 Votes: %1
Everything I can find Votes: %21
With the first races just weeks away, what's going through your head? Total Votes: 100
Will I be fast? Votes: %23
Bring it! Votes: %25
Will there be snow? Votes: %10
Should I have trained so much? Votes: %4
Did I train enough? Votes: %15
Damn, 6 months until summer... Votes: %23
Do you think having World Cup races in Canada is a key to motivating young skiers? Total Votes: 100
Absolutely Votes: %82
Yes, but at too much cost Votes: %7
I'm not sold on the concept Votes: %10
Certainly not Votes: %1
Do you think the FIS World Cup Tour de Ski in 2007 will be a success? Total Votes: 100
For everyone involved Votes: %48
For the fans, but not the athletes Votes: %12
Athletes will love it, but nobody will watch Votes: %11
It'll be a flop Votes: %29
Does the push by the IOC and WADA to relax Italian laws for the Olympics call into question their motives? Total Votes: 100
Yes, it's highly suspicious Votes: %57
No, it makes sense Votes: %15
They just aren't that smart Votes: %28
Should Italy relax it's tough anti-doping laws for the Olympics?