2005 World Championships Message Board

Gord Jewett

Hometown: Toronto, ON
Ski Club: Fit Company
brenda and mike have a great week gorodo,. send us an email to attglobal so we can reply, we dont have your email address luv (Posted from mexcity at 11:45:00 AM EST)
brenda good job gordo! you are in there, wish i could really see the excitement (Posted from toronto at 4:07:00 AM EST)
Kim K & Bob D Congratulations, Gord!! A race I'm sure you'll never forget!! Well done! (Posted from Sun Valley at 8:09:00 AM EST)
Shayla Go Gord Go! (lots of G's and O's :)) Keep up the great work...Girls only like guys that have skills...like computer hacking skills, num chuck skills and sketching skills(-nap dynamite). And you my friend, you have them all! :) (Posted from Bozeman at 12:02:00 PM EST)
John and Jerilyn Roycroft We'll be with you all the way in the sprint on Wednesday, Gord! This is your race, man! Take it away!!! (Posted from Port Sydney at 5:41:00 PM EST)
Gordon Thanks for all the messages everyone! I'm hanging on a bit with overall health but hoping for a good one in the pursuit tomorrow! I hope nobody's waking up in the middle of the night to watch online! (Posted from Oberstdorf at 1:07:00 PM EST)
chris werrell hey gord, keep up the good work. hope your feeling better, keep up the oil riggin! (Posted from canmore at 7:12:00 PM EST)
michael jewett go canada! very cool to watch on line race results! (Posted from toronto at 5:17:00 PM EST)
magi Have a good one Gord! (Posted from canmore at 6:01:00 AM EST)
mom have a good race tomorrow gordo. we love you (Posted from toronto at 1:26:00 PM EST)
Erik Hammer hard big boy! Have fun. (Posted from Canmore at 8:30:00 AM EST)
Tasha Go for it Gord. (Posted from Thunder Bay at 7:57:00 AM EST)
Dana I'll enjoy watching you kick some Euro-ass on TV :) Ski fast!! I like the message board, and hi to Bryan in Van city (got snow yet??) and Mark too (Posted from Tromsų at 2:19:00 AM EST)
Bryan C. make that B. Coburn enjoy competing at this level. we'll think fast thoughts. good luck! (Posted from vancouver at 10:24:00 PM EST)
Gord Thanks Mark! We're ready to show the Euros a thing or two. Hope you're having a great winter! (Posted from Oberstdorf, Germany at 12:09:00 PM EST)
Mark Give 'em %#*& Gord! (Posted from Markham at 11:20:00 PM EST)

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