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Robin McKeever

Hometown: Calgary, AB
Ski Club: Foothills Nordic Ski Club
Objessecefe Hi. I need some help (Posted from Cape Verde at 3:08:00 AM EST)
rqsaqtziru Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! oevzqcqohr (Posted from rqsaqtziru at 9:14:00 PM EST)
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Jean & John Giver like a Skidoo ! (Posted from Spray Lakes Road at 7:09:00 AM EST)
George Grey Lookin' good Robin. I watched you guys win in the airport on my way to China...that was cool to watch. See you in Canmore for a beer. (Posted from Sapporo, Japan at 6:12:00 PM EST)
Carl You guys were in the Calgary Herald, but they said the guy with the yellow hair was Brian. So I'm not sure if you shaved your head because you hated your new style and then Brian dyed his hair yellow because he liked your new style... Or maybe the newspaper just mixed you guys up. Anyways, congrats on the medals and continue dominating! (Posted from at 8:00:00 AM EST)
Fraser Great races coach. Keep Brian on the trail. Im sure he can see your hair. (Posted from Calgary at 8:40:00 PM EST)
Uncle Ken and Auntie Jean Congrats Robin. Sure proud that the races are going well. Our cheering clubs in Ottawa, Toronto and Caladonia are enjoying every moment of your successes. (Posted from Ottawa at 8:21:00 PM EST)
Phil W. Nice work Dad, way to bring home the hardware! Good luck in the rest of the races. (Posted from Banff at 12:42:00 PM EST)
Hannah Congratulations Robin!!!! Maybe it has something to do with your gold and bronze hair? We are cheering you on from home!!!! (Posted from Calgary at 7:57:00 AM EST)
Justin "Just In" here, if you know what i'm saying, still laughing about that one, anyways you guys are doing great, u definetly lead by example. (Posted from Calgary at 11:10:00 PM EST)
Xavier Bravo Papa! Je suis tres fier de toi. Nous avons hate de te voir et Bonne Chance pour les deux prochaines competitions. Moi et Maman t'aimons beaucoup xxxx (Posted from Canmore at 8:44:00 PM EST)
Kevin Cmon Robin, I wanna see more of your Tiger Hair, only got a glimpse of it on the news. Be the Tiger. (Posted from Calfoot at 8:08:00 PM EST)
Widmer Fam Amazing effort. Amazing team work. Amazing results. Congratulations to you and Brian! (Posted from Banff at 8:02:00 PM EST)
Raylene Congratulations to both Brian and you on the first two races in Italy. And congratulations on leading the Foothills club to another Canadian Championship. It must be fun to only have one person to wax and look after for a change. Good luck on your next (?last) race. We will send loud cheers from over here. Raylene (Posted from in the kitchen cooking for Sara at 5:50:00 PM EST)
Michael Neary Glad to hear you still have the golden hair and congrats on both the medals you and Brian have won. Just to update you that nationals went well for the sprints and the classic. It was great to see Marlis have the race she was looking for on Sunday. I am sure you know all the info but enjoy Italy and good luck in the races and we can fill you in when you get back. (Posted from Edmonton at 3:31:00 PM EST)

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