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Amanda Ammar

Hometown: Onoway, AB
Ski Club: Edmonton Nordic
Gilly Also, did you get my letter/photos? (Posted from at 6:36:00 PM EST)
Gilly Hey nan, I'm pumped to see you (hopefully) soon. Enjoy your Mcdicks, you earned those extra pounds:) And say Happy Bday to your mama for me, I miss them too! (Posted from at 6:35:00 PM EST)
Johnstons #%$& forgot to tell you to let Fisel know it's snowing and maybe enough that he will be able to dust off the ski's at get at it. (Posted from Edmonton/Aspen Hills at 2:45:00 PM EST)
Johnstons You got the go girl! Very excited every time we sit down to watch. Wish Mom a very special B-Day for us. (Posted from Edmonton/Aspen Hills at 2:42:00 PM EST)
Erik Way to go Amanda! You rule. Good luck in the sprints. (Posted from Canmore at 11:08:00 AM EST)
Phil, Bunty and Chancy We are very proud of you girl..you have so many years ahead of you to enjoy the Olympics..we will come and see you in Vancouver next time out! Enjoy the experience.. and feel us all cheering you on in Hillview Estate. (Posted from Next door to you!! at 7:39:00 AM EST)
Ben Sim hey amanda, good on ya mate. we were cheering for you from down under, good luck in the last race. from ben (Posted from Australia at 2:35:00 AM EST)
Amanda Ammar ok, so i have one race left,, then i will be going down to torino and getting free mcdonalds until i come home,, so just to let all you guys know,, i may not look the same when i arrive home.. there may be a few pounds added here and there,, haha,, hey butler!!! Iāll bring you back some nuggets!! take care everybody!!!! love nan (Posted from Torino baby!! at 2:02:00 AM EST)
Ryan Well we waited all week for it but we finally saw you for more than 2 seconds in a race!! Awesome. Way to go Amanda. Can't wait to see you so you can tell all the stories over again..lol. Way to go Nan:) Say hi to your mom and dad too. (Posted from Edmonton at 3:38:00 PM EST)
Justin Ammar Good Job in ur race amanda u did an awesome job.. Its soo awesome to have a cousin in the olympics haha im soo proud of u We all are..Cant wait to hear from you and congrats u Good job!! (Posted from St. Albert at 11:47:00 AM EST)
Will Guess who I saw on TV today? Well, actually it was Frank. But that's pretty close, right? I'm kidding, I saw ye on the American network, it was very cool, you were looking badass. Totally crushing Tchepalova. It was awesome. You looked hot. I'm still waiting for your autograph. Your #2 fan (its hard to beat the enthuiasm of "Bearsy's" post). (Posted from Edmonton at 7:53:00 PM EST)
Gilly Great work in the relay today nan! It's so exciting to see you on tv, i'm lovin it:) Have you eaten your good luck burger from McDonalds yet? (Posted from at 2:07:00 PM EST)
Chris Rip up that relay tomorrow!!! (Posted from Burns Lake at 10:52:00 PM EST)
SALACKI'S We all hope you're really having an ammar'ing experience,it's something that you longed for and will undoughtly will have success in the near future! (Posted from Edmonton at 5:40:00 AM EST)
Amanda Ammar Thank you so much everybody for the great support!!!! it is truley heart warming to know that i have all of you back home watchin.. and waking up so damn early!!!! i cant wait to talk to you all about this amazing experience.. take care , and thanks again!!!!! (Posted from Torino Baby!!! at 2:07:00 AM EST)
Samantha Hey Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted from Edmonton at 8:56:00 PM EST)
Hannah Hey GOOD RACE! you've got a bulletin board dedicated to you??? (Posted from Calgary! at 6:43:00 PM EST)
Alycia Ammar yayyyyy nan!!!!!!! u did awesome this morning! we all woke up at five and all my friends did too...we didnt see u racing but we saw you on tv during skool...we yelled so loud everyone heard us :P:P:P...amazing job and cant wait to see ya!!! xoxoxoxox (Posted from St Albert at 4:51:00 PM EST)
Phil Dunn Wow!! Congrtatulations!! Another awesome milestone. Cathy and I got up at 5:30 hoping to see the race but we still haven't yet. It will be a lot better to hear about it in person anyway. We have more information to proudly display in OES main hallway "Amanda" bulletin board. We'll be watching to see who skis in the relay on Saturday. Wow! (Posted from Onoway at 11:27:00 AM EST)
Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Cheryl and A's 1-4 WOW Sweetheart! YOU DID IT! You are an official OLYMPIAN now. How was your debut? We all woke up to watch you baby. Yes, it was at 5:00 A.M. That's how much we love you!!!!!!!!!!! We can't wait to hear your voice! Say hi to Mama and Papa and tell them to stop eating so much! haha (Posted from St. Albert at 8:02:00 AM EST)
Gilly Great job nan! Looked like really tough skiing conditions, you must've been soaked at the end. I'm so proud of you, and mad at CBC for not showing you ONCE! ugh. I'm pretty sure I saw your ass for a bit when they were panning across the 2.6 interval though. (Posted from at 7:53:00 AM EST)
Ryan I'm so proud of you NAN!! You did absolutely fantastic for your first time ever!!! Only 4 minutes back. Just think in Whistler you'll be 4 minutes ahead;) Great job. You made us all cheer!! (Posted from Edmonton at 7:06:00 AM EST)
Gilly haha, remind me to tell you a story about when cal told a guy he works with about you! (Posted from at 11:18:00 PM EST)
Jolene Aww... Mr.Dunn & Ms.Shabada! Good ol' OES memories. Congrutulations on everything you've achieved. Good luck tomorrow morning. You're gonna do great! (Posted from Onoway at 10:23:00 PM EST)
sarah ammar HI NANA! omg! i can't wait to see your race, and i know that you will do awesum! go kick some butt...!!! i told all of my friends about your race! they can't wait to see it too! GOOD LUCK!!!! and just have fun!!! Love ya, xoxo Bearsy (Posted from St.Albert, Alberta at 9:07:00 PM EST)
alycia ammar heyy nan!! i hope ur havin an awesummmm time in italy...cant wait to watch ur race! ive got all my friends and teachers watchin, and probably about half of the world...but no pressure. kick butt and ski hard...we're all cheerin for ya (Posted from st albert, alberta at 6:47:00 PM EST)
person rock on and go kick some more butt. (Posted from edmonton at 4:35:00 PM EST)
(Mr.) Phil Dunn and Class 3D-2006 Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful day tomorrow. My alarm is set for an early rise to see what I can see in the Women's 10km Classic. You have make us proud being sellected to the team. I hope you get our signed congratulations and best wishes for OES at a good time. Go Get'em, Amanda!" (Posted from Onoway, Alberta, Canada at 12:18:00 PM EST)
Heather Griffith Hey Amanda, Goodluck tomorow, you have been racing amasing, so just keep it up!!! GO Amanda GO, thats what I will be saying at 2 am!!!!! (Posted from Calgary at 10:55:00 AM EST)
June HEY!!!!! Good Luck! We are all cheering for you, we are all so proud of you. Have fun! (Posted from Edmonton at 9:33:00 AM EST)
Gilly Give'r hard tomorrow nan, keep doing what you've been doing all year and you'll have an awesome race. I'm gonna stay up all night to watch you live, even though i have a midterm tomorrow:) Love ya! (Posted from deadmonton at 7:58:00 AM EST)
Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Cheryl and Angels #1-4 Hey Babies. What's Hhhhhhhhhappening? Nan,Fisel and Judy, we miss you and can't get through on the phone. Could you let us know what time your race is baby? EVERYONE wants to know. If we don't connect before, give it all you got! We love you all We can't wait to hear all about everything!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox (Posted from St. Albert at 10:40:00 PM EST)
Lynn Shabada Hope you're having an excellent time in Italy! Everyone at OES is extremely proud of you and wishing you the best! (Posted from Onoway, Alberta at 6:29:00 PM EST)
Jalkotzy's Have fun, ski fast!! (Posted from Calgary at 5:38:00 PM EST)
rena couldnt be happier for you.Go beanie baby, go (Posted from alberta beach at 3:57:00 PM EST)
Johnstons All the best Nan, enjoy!!! (Posted from Edmonton/Onoway at 11:32:00 AM EST)
Gilly Happy Valentines Day! I think you should hand out those old school cards with ninja turtles saying "be my radtacular valentine" to the foreign teams to confuse them and throw them off their game, haha (Posted from at 8:34:00 AM EST)
Your secret admirer Will You be my Valentine...?..Flowers..Chocolates??? (Posted from Canmore at 2:33:00 AM EST)
Hannah Hi! I'm sure your having sooo much fun! Have you used the "free waxing" voucher from your coupon book yet? (Posted from Calgary at 3:10:00 PM EST)
Mykal Ammar So proud of you Amanda! Good Luck and wish you the best! (Posted from Beirut, Lebanon at 3:08:00 AM EST)
Justin Ammar Good Luck Amanda Kick some butt!! We are all proud of ya.. (Posted from St. Albert at 8:59:00 PM EST)
love, aunt Cathy, Glenn, Kyle And Gramma hi Amanda. You must be very exited your mom and dad are on there way. We seen your dad on Canada A.M, he is so proud of you as we all are! Only 4 more days untill your first race.WE will be watching you on satellite and routing you on, Get lots of rest before your big day. Im sure you no what to do HA! HA! All the best And GOOD LUCK!- - - - YOU GO GURL!!!!!! (Posted from Ontario at 1:15:00 PM EST)
Chris Way to go Nan, I just sent fisel and Jody over there to keep an eye on ya, your in good shape for the up and coming races, Do what you do best!!!! (Posted from Canmore at 8:29:00 AM EST)
Butler Good luck Amanda, i hope that you have an awesome time and have some stellar races (Posted from tbay at 5:40:00 PM EST)
Brad Jones & Judi Agnew Let's go Amanda! We know you'll take your momentum from the foggy plains of Medvode to the sunny slopes of Pragelato and do Canada proud. All the best! (Posted from Almonte at 10:18:00 AM EST)
Marisa Hey YOU!!!!!! Make us proud lil chick good luck and the best to you!!!!!!! (Posted from Onoway at 8:13:00 AM EST)
Dave Are you getting chased by Big Foot?? Good luck, Amanda. (Posted from at 7:54:00 AM EST)
Fan Hey Amanda, I couldn't find Ivan's page so I'll leave this message with you to give him: Good luck, Ivan. You're the best!! (Posted from at 7:49:00 AM EST)
Lee Your dad is becoming a regular superstar! In the past few days he has been in the Edmonton Journal and on Canada AM. He'll be a bigger celeb than you. Have a great time Amanda and enjoy your first Olympic Experience! (Posted from Edmonton at 4:50:00 PM EST)
Brady Giver Amar! Rock on like you were at WJC! (Posted from SSM at 12:57:00 PM EST)
Gilly I saw Fisel on Canada AM this morning, he did so good! (Posted from at 8:32:00 AM EST)
Leslie Yeoman Hey Amanda - look at you girl!! Way to go! You go out there and show them "how it's done"!!! We're all rooting for you ;-) (Posted from Edmonton, Alberta at 6:21:00 PM EST)
Kate B Hey Amanda! It's your former roomy Kate here haha. I hope that you are all pumped up to be at your next big event. Have a super time at the Olympics! We are all cheering for you! (Posted from Pakenham (not packing ham) at 6:17:00 PM EST)
Brittany Yeoman Hi Amanda,It's me Brittany! Your mom Jody is friends with my Grandma Christine Yeoman. I wish you best of luck that I could possibly give you. I hope you win! P.S. My mom calls me NaN too:). I hope I could be as good as you some day. From: Brittany( please send me an e-mail at: (Posted from Edmonton, Alberta at 6:09:00 PM EST)
Kevin Dammit Amanda your so hot. Make sure you experience the free MceeDy's at the Olympics and bring some home for me! (Posted from at 5:52:00 PM EST)
Fred Touchette Good luck Amanda. You're the best (Posted from at 3:48:00 PM EST)
Gillly AH! what happened nan? it was just all beepy so i hung up! (Posted from at 8:39:00 AM EST)
Rhona towedo hey im doing a project on u its pretty inter esting to do a project on u please send me a mesage to me at (Posted from gerldton ont, at 8:07:00 AM EST)
Kyle Krilyk hey again, i ws just wondering if you could send messages back to people like through hotmail, i dident think you could but if you can my email is , so GOOD LUCK! BYE (Posted from Ontario at 4:22:00 PM EST)
Jenn Salacki Hey Amanda, Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and say congratulations! I am soo excited for you and know you will do wicked no matter what. Miss you... I even came to visit your town..."Manmore" as they call it...anyways, Have an awesome time at the olympics, I will be cheering for you...oh and my brother says hi too. (Posted from Edmonton, Ab at 12:23:00 PM EST)
SALACKI Happy Bithday Amanda,we all hope you had a good one!!! We're all Excited about you working so hard and being in the Olympics!! Wishing you the best of LUCK!! I know your parents are very proud of you and everyone here is Root-TootN for you!!!! (Posted from Edmonton at 7:14:00 PM EST)
Sabrina hey hun, happy belated birthday, hope you had an excellent day ~ i just wanted to say good luck to you and let you know that i'm thinkin bout ya..we're all so proud of you.. (Posted from Edmonton at 6:33:00 PM EST)
Kyle, Cathy, Gramma,And Glenn Happy late birthday Ammanda, Hope it was a good one,i hear your doing exelent. you must be so exited and proud of yourself, WE all are here, think about you every day, be safe and give her Shit girl!! (Posted from ontario at 4:45:00 PM EST)
Cheyenne Hey Manda. Happy Bilated Birthday..wow ur getting OLD lol no jk .. so thats awsome that im gona be watchin u on the TV YAYA.. well yes hope to talk to you soon :) <33 (Posted from Onoway at 3:05:00 PM EST)
Rachel Boekel Whoaaa - didn't want to miss out on the Birthday Wishes! Hope you are having an awesome time and keeping Chuck in line... way to be awesome! Happy Birthday! (Posted from Canmore at 12:49:00 PM EST)
Petra Happy Birthday Girl!! 20 years old. Look at what you have accomplished so far. Our thoughts are with you every step of the way. Luv Petra (Posted from Onoway at 11:12:00 AM EST)
kyle krilyk hey, heard your going to the olimpics hope you do awesome, ive heard you have been lately, aunt jody told me you hert your leg hope it gets better GOOD LUCK!!!! (Posted from ontario at 9:53:00 AM EST)
AUNTIE FRAN AND UNCLE DAVE Happy Birthday Amanda. Hope your special day was as special as you are. Good Luck and have fun!!!!! (Posted from PETERBOROUGH, ON at 4:59:00 AM EST)
Loosh!! heyyy Nan!!! u dont know how proud i am of you!! i miss ya like crazy, and hope u had an awesum b-day!! kick sum major butt in Italy, we'll all be screamin at the tv for ya!! (Posted from St. Albert at 7:20:00 PM EST)
Megs HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!! Welcome to your twenties...and gee, you've already accomplished so much...Make sure you make a good wish when you blow out your candles! (Posted from Edmonton at 10:59:00 AM EST)
Will Hey Amanda, if it weren't for your birthday, I'd never remember its my dad's birthday too, so thank goodness for that! Happy Birthday! (Posted from Edmonton at 10:05:00 AM EST)
Gilly HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAN!!!! (Posted from deadmonton at 7:29:00 AM EST)
Uncle J. Auntie C. Loosh#1Bear#2Bella#3Jummy#4 Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday to Nan. Happy Birthday to you. Pretend you can hear us and we're in tune! Love you lots! Have a blast! (Posted from St. Albert at 11:05:00 PM EST)
Chris Way to go!!! you kicked ass in the relay!!!! (Posted from Canmore at 8:21:00 PM EST)
michael lankester go go go kick some ass amanda youve made us proud gogogo. your friend mike lankester (Posted from alberta at 7:30:00 PM EST)
momma and pawpaw great race in the relay wow 3rd in your leg damn proud. have a fantastic day on your b day tommorow another year we don't have to buy you anything ha ha just kiddin we love yah. (Posted from home base at 6:31:00 PM EST)
Jan Brunetti (Rohr) Hi Amanda. Congratulations!! I am your Mom's cousin (Great Auntie Fran's daughter). Congratulations on all the successes!! We are all rooting for you in the upcoming olympics. I have everyone in Peterborough watching for you and rooting you on!! You are an inspiration to everyone! (Posted from Peterborough, Ontario at 11:29:00 AM EST)
Petra Vaughan Remember me?! Yeah, thought so. Cody, Cheyenne, Sabrina and I are thinking of you. You're making us soooo proud!!!! Love ya, Petra (Posted from Onoway at 7:13:00 PM EST)
Jaime Congrats on your results so far Beeves! Did you bring the pumpkin pants with you to Europe? Good luck at the Games. (Posted from Quebec City at 7:01:00 PM EST)
Kelly and The Benka's Hey Amanda, remember me? Your long lost babysitter from next door? Gilly told me how well you are doing and I just wanted to send on good luck wishes to you in Europe. We're all rooting for you and can't wait to see you in Whistler for 2010!! Go get'm girl!! (Posted from Coquitlam, BC at 5:16:00 PM EST)
Maija You rock, I know you'll keep it up. Good job and good luck. (Posted from Edmonton at 5:05:00 PM EST)
fisel and mummy like you can eat'em up like a tiger.we love you (Posted from home base at 3:57:00 PM EST)
Claire You rock Amanda! Congratulations on your awesome results!! And good luck in the next ones (Posted from Bozeman at 3:38:00 PM EST)
Megs Oh, Amanda, you're my hero! (Posted from Edmonton at 7:54:00 PM EST)
Kevin Baggott One word - WOW!!! You continue to amaze Amanda, but knowing how hard you work, we should'nt be. Wishing you the best in the rest of your races and your Olympic experience....enjoy!! (Posted from Calgary at 6:43:00 PM EST)
AMANDA AMMAR Hi Amanada Grandma's really proud of you thinking of you every day. Fly with the angels Amanda Love Grandma xoxoxo (Posted from BURLINGTON, ONTARIO CANADA at 5:40:00 PM EST)
AMANDA AMMAR Go Amamda Go!!!!!!! We are so proud of you!!! Kick Butt Love Great Aunt Fran and Great Uncle Dave (Posted from PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO, CANADA at 5:38:00 PM EST)
Ryan Go Kick some ass Girl. I'll be watching your races whenever they come on. Good luck:) (Posted from Edmonton at 4:25:00 PM EST)
Gilly way to kick @$$ today! You made me cheer in the library at school and everyone looked up at me hahaha (Posted from deadmonton at 2:35:00 PM EST)
You friggen rock!!!!!and your hot!!!!really hot!!! (Posted from at 7:07:00 AM EST)
Gilly I'm glad that us hanging out in your mom's dryer and rolling down hills in barrels didn't affect your skiing career ;) I'll be thinking about you tomorrow, good luck nan! (Posted from deadmonton at 8:24:00 PM EST)
Your Hot!!! (Posted from at 7:45:00 PM EST)
Ed Nan, you rock!!! Keep on just ******' givin'er. (Posted from Snowy Ottawa at 7:36:00 PM EST)
Kick some Euro Ass tomorrow! (Posted from at 4:32:00 PM EST)
Samantha Reid Best of luck for the skiing season! have lots of fun racing! (Posted from Brown Winter Edmonton Alberta at 3:40:00 PM EST)
momma and fisel we love you and are so proud of you. keep it up and giver like you can. we'll see you at the olympics wish we were there. (Posted from home base at 3:36:00 PM EST)
Chris & Wayne Yeoman Nan: Cannot even begin to tell you how proud we are of you. How proud our Town of 1000 people are to be able to say that one of ours is going to the Olympics. Do yourself proud Amanda. You deserve it. Love Chris & Wayne (Posted from Onoway Alberta at 12:48:00 PM EST)
chris dad awesome amanda!!!!i'm really looking forward to finally meeting this dynamo i keep reading (and hearing) about....see ya at the nationals.....and has chris invited you over for supper yet????? good luck tomorrow (Posted from t-bay at 9:45:00 AM EST)
Jack's Pack Go Buddy Go! (Posted from Jack's Pack - Edmonton Nordic at 11:13:00 PM EST)
Gilly OMG nan...I know you've heard it for the past day and a half but your amazing! You put big grins on my face when I read about how your doing :D And you should bring me back some Euro tp cuz i want to check this stuff out, hahaha. Love you lots and missin you like crazy. Keep given'er! (Posted from Deadmonton at 10:31:00 PM EST)
Kron ALL DAY AMANDA. ALLLLL DAAYYYY BABY. (Posted from Deep South at 6:32:00 PM EST)
The News SUPER CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR RACE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you know:"Ammar's result is the 3rd best performance ever by a Canadian at the World Junior Championships." wow! (Posted from an internet page at 6:12:00 PM EST)
anonymous person (mwahaha!) Good super luck!! I will be cheering for you!! and have fun!! (Posted from snowless land aka edmonton or calgary etc. at 5:58:00 PM EST)
Lauren yahhhhh! You go! i'm so happy for you Nan your really putting all you hard training to good use! I hope bouncing with excitment cause your doing amazing! Rent a sister rock Europe..!! (Posted from Canmore at 5:02:00 PM EST)
Rob What a year Amanda! Fanatastic result. Good luck! (Posted from FNSC Calgary at 4:33:00 PM EST)
Dale Swanson Fabulous Amanda! You are really on a roll!!! (Posted from Calgary at 3:48:00 PM EST)
jay Fantastic result Amanda. Don't let the sniffing of toilet paper get in the way of racing! Go hard girl. (Posted from vancouver at 3:02:00 PM EST)
Shayla Swason Yahoo!! You are something else Miss Ammar. Keep up the GREAT WORK! (Posted from OTTAWA at 2:56:00 PM EST)
Jesse's Dad Congratulations, Amanda. You are a real inspiration to all who have watched your amazing growth as a skier. I hope your great performance in your 6th place finish will inspire the men to stay with the front pack in their upcoming races. Keep it going! (Posted from Deep creek at 1:33:00 PM EST)
Cathy Good Job Amanda. Amazing Race. Keep it going for the next races!!! (Posted from Canmore at 12:17:00 PM EST)
Tara Great job Amanda! Enjoy every minute; you deserve it! (Posted from Toronto at 12:03:00 PM EST)
Hull Amanda you're freakin amazing! Just keep given'er (Posted from Vic at 9:37:00 AM EST)
Amanda Ammar Thank-you so much guys and girls for all the awesome comments!!! Fun fact about slovenia- they have scented toilet paper,, so far i've come across peach and perfume... hopefully i'll get some other new scents in the future!!! (Posted from slovenia at 9:05:00 AM EST)
N-Dogg I told you that you were going to do awesome...the spandex really does pay off!!! Wicked result, I hope the rest of the races follow the same result trend and get better and better. Congrats! (Posted from Presque Izzle at 7:53:00 AM EST)
Erik Wow, sweet race! It sounds like the conditions were tough, but you are tougher than most. Ride the wave to your next race! (Posted from Canmore at 7:36:00 AM EST)
What can't you do your freaking amazing!!!!!! (Posted from at 7:34:00 AM EST)
Wayne Dustin Excellent race! Good luck at the Olympics. (Posted from Kanata at 7:29:00 AM EST)
Heather.G Oh my Amanda, that was awsome!! Congratulations on your 6th place finish, so cool!!! Keep up the good racing!! (Posted from Calgary at 7:08:00 AM EST)
Janice Perry Way to go Amanda! What a great role model you are for the other juniors. I am so excited that you are going to the Olympics at such a sweet, young age. You're awesome!!! (Posted from Calgary at 6:16:00 AM EST)
BruceJ Very good result today, congrateulations!! Keep it going till you stand on the podium, I know you can. (Posted from Calgary at 5:53:00 AM EST)
Mallory Congradulations Amanda on your awsome results today, I have a feeling there is more to come in the very near future...Best of luck! (Posted from T Bay at 5:15:00 AM EST)
Amanda, you are so awesome, can't wait till you get a cool prize, sixth place!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted from at 5:13:00 AM EST)
Dasha's dad My congratulations Amanda! 6th place – it is great! (Posted from at 4:50:00 AM EST)
AC All I have to say about the race today race is WOW!!! and unbelievable. I'll throw in a "Good Job"! as well. (Posted from TBay at 4:46:00 AM EST)
Becky You're so fast... good luck and have fun!!! (Posted from TBay at 2:44:00 PM EST)
Fred Webster Congratulations on your finish in the sprints Amanda. Brittany, my daughter, has been telling me about your amazing performance. Keep up the good work. You make us all proud to be Canadian. (Posted from at 1:58:00 PM EST)
Reid Holy, I can't beleive that you're gonna be racing in the Olymipcs so soon. I can still remember all those fun ski trips back in the day. Good Luck and Kick Ass. HAMMER IT!!!!! (Posted from Edmonton at 11:22:00 AM EST)
Mike Way to go Amanda we are all cheering you on and proud you are there. Have a great week of races and enjoy Italy we will be watching (Posted from Calgary at 10:43:00 AM EST)
Ellen GO AMANDA GO!!! Congrats on qualifying for the OLYMPICS!! You're a star!! GO HARD! (Posted from Edmonton at 9:46:00 AM EST)
ziggy Amanda, you are awesome! (Posted from whitehorse at 8:17:00 PM EST)
The Seinfelds The Best Jerry, she's tha Best!!!!! (Posted from at 7:23:00 PM EST)
Butlers sister Hey Amanda :) Good luck at the juniors and the OLYMPICS!!! (Posted from windsor at 12:58:00 PM EST)
Viktoria Amanda, I'm so excited for you! I'm channeling all my non-skiing energy to you so you can go extra-fast! Have fun! (Posted from Marquette at 12:48:00 PM EST)
You are going to be better, than the next Belmondo!!!! (Posted from at 12:24:00 PM EST)
Erik You are the new Belmondo. Go Amanda! (Posted from Canmore at 8:40:00 AM EST)
Julia Skleryk Congrats Amanda!! I was reading my emails all the way over in New Zealnd when I read one that said you qualified for the Olympics and I totally freaked out!! Thats soo awesome, Im crazy happy for you. I always knew all those years that i raced against me and You'd kick my a#%* that you'd make it to the Olympics one day but who knew you'd be 19!! Your my hero! Good luck, race hard and have a blast! Julia (Posted from New Zealand at 2:16:00 AM EST)
GILLY!!!!! yay i get to send you a message! I miss you nan, hope your doing good. I got some SWEET new hair, hopefully you'll get to see it. I'm trying to get together a message for you to come with your parents (if i ever get my crap together...not literally, that's not the message i'm sending....) ok, that's it for now but expect more messages. LOVE YOU! ps. i like you in spandex too:) (Posted from boring deadmonton at 8:07:00 PM EST)
A Secret Admirer..... Alright meow, I think Meow its time to show them Euros, whos boss Meow when you step up to the line you meow know its time to show the world who Amanda Ammar is and show them exactly why you are going to the olympics, not because you had a lucky race, But because you are the next generation World Champion, behind Becky and Sara, there is no one inbetween you and those 2, NO ONE, Good luck this week and you know everyones rootin' for ya back home!!! (Posted from Deep inside a cave on China Man's at 6:51:00 PM EST)
Will I swear you owe your wicked awesome success to me for some reason or another. And once I think of it, I'm TOTALLY coming after you. Ski scared Amanada, oh yes, ski scared. (Posted from Edmonton at 8:33:00 AM EST)
Heather G Hey Amanda, your amazing!!!! Look out world here comes Amanda. I am so pumped that you made it to the olympics! Good luck, ski hard, and believe in yourself! Remember you made it here to world juniors and the olympics so keep the ball rolling!!! Go Amanda go!!!! (Posted from Canmore at 8:12:00 AM EST)
Amanda Ammar thanks for the spandex comment!! (Posted from slovenia at 3:45:00 AM EST)
Justin K I'm still recovering from the exceting news of you making the olympics, so u'll have to give me some time to write something better. Untill then, I agree with N-Dogg about the spandex thing. also i think the picture in the top right is fitting as frank is with you cheering you on. I think thats pretty cool. (Posted from Calgary at 12:07:00 AM EST)
N-Dogg Dear A-Dogg, Claude and I are sharing a nice room together and we wish you all the luck in the world!!!! We think you look the best in spandex and therefore you will win. Peace out (Posted from United States of America at 5:28:00 PM EST)
Megan Go Buddy Go! (Posted from Edmonton at 4:21:00 PM EST)
Mazina Ammar You've made us proud!! Best of luck in Italy!! (Posted from St. Albert at 2:18:00 PM EST)
Kieran You got my vote for Olympic flag carrier-person. Go dominate! And tell Frank I better see him on TV... (Posted from Mont at 1:34:00 PM EST)
Chris Hey Amanda enjoy your time and Good Luck at World Juniors and the Olymp's (Posted from Canmore at 1:16:00 PM EST)

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