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Gord Jewett Hometown: Toronto, ON
Ski Club: Fit Company
Norbert Meier Gordon -- just wanted to congratulate you on an extremely well-written letter to the editor in the Outlook. I thought you did a great job of responding to the poor reporting, the red-neck attitudes implied in the article. By taking the high-road, you've stayed away from trading insults and have presented a very positive picture on behalf of the x-c community. Thanks! Norbert (Posted from Canmore at 8:22:55 AM EST)
shane hey gord, good luck in the 50. please remind me to thank angela for my journey yesterday (Posted from zurich at 2:28:05 AM EST)
Rhonda Hi Gordie... My e-mail isn't working, so I thought that I would just say hi on the message board! I hope all is well. I am having a fun time at Canada Games! xo (Posted from NB at 4:43:30 PM EST)
Erik Best wishes for tomorrow's 30k. Remember Gordie always comes through in classic when it matters. (Posted from Canmore at 2:50:39 PM EST)
Mary Roycroft Ranni Congrats to you & Dan on the relay. Thanks for the newsletters. Good luck in Val di Fiemme. (Dan's Aunt Mary) (Posted from Toronto at 10:24:28 PM EST)
Gordon Jewett Thank you to everyone who has written to my message board! I greatly appreciate your support! (Posted from Val di Fiemme, Italy at 2:44:45 PM EST)
Erik Awesome work Gord. Way to stomp on Chamberlain, you must be coming into good form. (Posted from Canmore at 11:41:02 PM EST)
John & Jerilyn Roycroft Congratulations Gord & Dan on your great 12th place finish! Thanks for all the letters. (Posted from Port Sydney at 7:07:57 PM EST)
Jaime Good-luck webmaster extraordinaire!! (Posted from Canmore at 6:51:57 PM EST)
Lynda Betcherman love the newsletters..feel like I am there in the laundry? have your best races ever1 We will be cheering! (Posted from thunder Bay at 3:18:25 PM EST)
N'sync Gord, ski N'sync with the skiers from Norway like we did in Sliver star a few years back!! Ski fast!! Good luck!!! (Posted from Behind you in the calander at 4:34:55 PM EST)
Daniel GO GORD GO! (Posted from Toronto at 3:43:05 PM EST)

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