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Dan Roycroft Hometown: Port Sydney, ON
Ski Club: Stage II Nordic
Mary RR Hi Dan, Woke up this morning wondering whether you were already slugging your guts out on the 50k -lots of pain equals lots of fun, so I guess you're having the time of your life. Granddad & I discuss you every morning and he's rooting for you too. See you soon. Love, Mary (Posted from Toronto at 9:18:01 AM EST)
Dad, Mom, & Rebekah We're rootin' for you for the big one! See you Monday. Love from us. (Posted from at 4:08:06 PM EST)
David Zylberberg Good luck in the 50km. You can be up there. If you get caught by Swenson hang on for the ride. (Posted from New Brunswick at 1:26:25 PM EST)
mother -in law (sounds so spooky and bad) Hi the car insurance just went down!! Hope Saturday's 50km is a personal best and of course your best birthday surprise ever!! love and speed...Best of Times...lynda (Posted from Thunder Bay at 3:44:54 PM EST)
Donna Davidson Belated happy 25th and best wishes for your personal best in the upcoming 50km. We are cheering from Carleton Place! (Posted from Ottawa at 4:50:29 PM EST)
Mary Lots of love on your 25th birthday and best of luck in your next race. I'm really looking forward to seeing you and Tasha next month! (Posted from Toronto at 11:02:04 AM EST)
Dad Our neighbour Hans downloaded your relay with Gord and burned a CD for us. Small picture & jerky, if I knew your bib numbers it would be easier to figure out which ones are you guys! (Posted from at 6:33:16 PM EST)
Dad , Mom , & Rebekah Happy birthday Dan! Hope you both have a good day. Hello from Chris Winspear and Barry Faulkner. (Posted from Home at 6:26:09 PM EST)
therese st,amant happy birthday Dan. How can I forget. Your birthday is the same day as my son. and best of luck in your races. therese (Posted from thunderbay at 5:31:48 PM EST)
Barry-Lamarche's happy Birthday! and great racing! go get em!We are cheering from here (Posted from Kam at 2:29:44 PM EST)
Your London Fans Great job,congatulations,keep up the good work (Posted from London,Ontario at 1:19:04 PM EST)
mary lee Dan I am hearing the good news of your race.Congrats!! (Posted from Kam at 8:59:19 PM EST)
Mom & Dad Congrat's on 49th! Saw Tasha.s name in Toronto Sun sports 'stats too. (Posted from at 8:53:20 PM EST)
Michael Roycroft Great job in the Classic Race Dan (49th is still in the top 50!! :) By the way you made the "ticker" on the sports network Good luck in the Skate Race. Cheers. M (Posted from Canmore AB at 1:23:48 PM EST)
Phil, Lynda & Critter Way to go Dan! congrats on a great result! keep 'em coming!! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 7:37:27 AM EST)
Mom & Dad Best wishes for a great race Wed! (Posted from Port Sydney at 5:24:42 PM EST)
Erik Have a good 30k Dan! (Posted from Canmore at 3:45:03 PM EST)
Shane Maley Good job in the relay, Dan! Hope your races are great and you have lots of fun!!! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 8:40:45 AM EST)
mom Betch Best of luck tomorrow Dan..I like this getting up at 4a.m. to watch live results..the coffee is good but pretty blazing! critter asleep..ride the high wave!! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 3:25:51 AM EST)
Mary Roycroft Ranni Hi Dan, Congrats on doing well in the relay and good luck in the Worlds. Maybe you can do a repeat of Cornerbrook in your birthday week (bronze + gold) in Val di Fiemme. Lots of love and luck to the old man of the mountain and to Tasha too. I'm keeping Granddad posted but trying to tell him how this messageboard system works is a real challenge; maybe you can do a demo for him on your laptop sometime. (Posted from Toronto at 10:15:58 PM EST)
Lee Fitzgerald Congratulations on the good showing in the relay race.Ward and I wish you lots of luck in the upcoming races.Tasha's gram. (Posted from London at 8:14:46 PM EST)
John, Chris, Austin & Tristan Congratulations Dan on your 12th place finish. We are all very proud of you. Best of luck in your future races. Lots of love to you and Tasha. (Posted from Unionville, Ontario at 5:43:53 PM EST)
Richard Auger Dear Dan, We are very proud of you and your achievements. I pray one day we will be able to meet up again one day. Keep reaching for the stars! My love to you and Tasha. Richard (Coz) (PS My Mum's comment that you are a handsome guy must be taken in the conext that your English cousins will always be the best looking in the family ..... ha, ha!! ... take care my friend!) (Posted from Oxfordshire - Uk at 11:11:55 AM EST)
Uncle John (Fernandes) Congratulations on your 12th place finish at the World Cup relay, Danny. (Posted from Toronto at 6:18:16 PM EST)
Aunt Joan Elaine What a handsome guy, we're all proud of you. Have a great time. Lots of love (Posted from at 4:17:50 AM EST)
Dan Roycroft Thank you to everyone for the encouragements. It has truly been an amazing experience so far and Tasha and I really look forward to the Worlds beginning this week. I am in Asiago right now, just having competed in my first World Cup. Gord Jewett and myself competed in the sprint relay. It was a good leaning experience although I wish that I had a bit more energy towards the end. We finished 12th in sprint finish with the Americans. Today we watch Beckie, Sara, Chris, and George compete in the 5/10km classic. After that we return to Val di Fiemme for Worlds. (Posted from Asiago, Italy at 12:34:45 AM EST)
Erik Keep up the good work Dan. (Posted from Canmore at 11:41:42 PM EST)
mom & dad Congratulations Dan & Gord on your great 12th place finish! (Posted from Port Sydney at 7:04:47 PM EST)
mom & dad Wonderful to see you and Tasha living your dreams. Carpe diem! (Posted from Port Sydney at 8:09:34 PM EST)
Jaime Lots of luck Dan! I'm sending lots of energy your way! (Posted from Canmore at 6:49:54 PM EST)
Bob Edwards Dan: Best wishes to you and all members of Team Canada . You and the other Thunder Bay alumni have got the whole community talking about this event. HAVE YOUR BEST RACES EVER! Bob Edwards (Posted from Thunder Bay at 11:39:15 AM EST)
Philip Betcherman Best of luck in races.It is so great you and Tasha can be racing at the same locale.On the big day fly with the wind.Very proud of you Dan.Love Dad Betcherman. (Posted from South Pasadena Fl. at 8:33:42 AM EST)
mary lee and Bryne Go Dan! Skiing is great here at Lappe. I bet ut is a lot more exciting where you are. best of luck in the races. We know you have it! Enjoy and the very best luck to you. (Posted from kaministiquia at 9:39:37 PM EST)
Helen and Chris Go Dan-We'll be rooting from the sidelines of our computer screens. Fast Fast Fast! (Posted from Canmore-still no snow at 9:26:26 PM EST)
Mary Roycroft Ranni Hi Dan, I've been thinking about that book I gave you when you were a kid:"Danny the Champion of the World" by Roald Dahl. Well I think you can make it happen. Good luck, you the man, Dan. Love, Mary (Posted from Toronto at 8:33:57 PM EST)
therese and nelson hi dan, your hard work paid off. enjoy yourself and best wishes....est-ce qu'on parle beaucoup le francais? A bientot, nelson et therese (Posted from thunderbay at 8:29:24 PM EST)
Lee Fitzgerald Congratulations Dan and all the best. (Posted from London,Ontario at 9:38:42 AM EST)
Bruce Alexander Congratulations and best wishes from all your Les Amis friends. Hope to see you at Duntroon. Bruce Alexaner (Posted from Worlds XC at 8:54:03 AM EST)
Lappe Nordic Ski Club Congratulations Dan, Wise man once said "Drink pepsi, ski fast" Good luck! Lappe Nordic (Posted from Thunder Bay,Ontario at 8:08:40 AM EST)
Brady&Rasta Rjely Congrats Dan!! I hope you have the races of your life!! Ski fast!! (Posted from The Bay at 10:40:35 PM EST)
Lynda We are with you all the way Dan! You have all the right stuff! Here is hoping it all comes together! Good Luck! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 9:16:53 AM EST)

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