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Devon Kershaw Hometown: Sudbury, ON
Ski Club: Laurentian Nordic
Adam Sigmann Devon you are not only a great guy, but a great skiier, have a great season (Posted from Sudbury at 10:08:34 AM EST)
Steve Devon; You always make me laugh. nice picture! (Posted from Calgary at 11:20:49 PM EST)
Smithers Nice work!!! Good luck in the rest of your races. And try not to get DINGY fever. (Posted from Wolfville, NS at 12:03:26 PM EST)
Devon My new email address is ! (Posted from Val di Fiemme at 2:21:08 AM EST)
ADAM Hey Devon what is your new email address? (Posted from at 4:33:08 PM EST)
Alison Jeffkins Hey Dev. Die your hair red like Bente Skari...cause Red Is Fast. (Posted from Laurentian at 8:40:55 AM EST)
Liz Way to go with U23's Dev. Good luck with the big boys this week. Melissa, Kim, Katie and everyone else here is rooting for ya! (Posted from at 4:26:00 PM EST)
jim crooks WOW! (Posted from thunder bay at 4:40:03 PM EST)
Shayla Way to go!! Keep it up and show those Euro's who's boss :) I figured out mystery song from forrest Gump...Free Bird by Lynard Skynard! It's long though so I wouldn't try to download it on dial up. (Posted from Canmore at 2:00:07 PM EST)
Dave Nice job slick. (Posted from The Bay at 7:53:56 AM EST)
ADAM Devon way to go on your race today, but let's pick up your socks at crack the top 20 next race! Best of luck and your car is parked and the insurance is off now you can freakin relax (Posted from 3rd street at 3:10:40 PM EST)
David McGregor Go get em' kid. Everyone in Sudbury is cheering! (Posted from Ontario at 6:59:04 AM EST)
Erik Have great races Devon, we believe in you! (Posted from Canmore at 3:00:31 PM EST)
Jaime Like the picture Devon! Lots of luck! (Posted from Canmore at 6:50:23 PM EST)
dave nice picture sketchyc! ...? oh, and Crooks has something to say, "What a LOOOOSER!" anyways, the skiing picture is pretty cool. Good luck to everyone. take her easy (Posted from sweden at 2:23:28 AM EST)
Liz Dev, Dev, Dev. Why am I not suprised your picture is the only 'different' one. Nice look you got going on. Hope you have the best races of your season. Giver. CAn't wait to hear all about it. (Posted from at 7:11:11 PM EST)
Bradster Nice picture styles!!! Kick butt buddy!! I know you will race fast!! Giver!! Earn a spot on team gimmer!!! (Posted from Lakehead University Library at 4:26:55 PM EST)

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