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Peter Savage Keeping up to date with your progress George. Hope you and Dad are having a great time. All best wishes, Peter (Posted from Topsham, UK at 12:40:59 PM EST)
Erik Great 15k George! Way to be tough and pull it off when it matters. (Posted from Canmore at 8:36:51 AM EST)
Kim & Bob Well done, George! We are rooting for you and the team for a great World Championships. (Posted from Sun Valley at 10:49:54 AM EST)
Erik Have an awesome race tomorrow! Your VW is rooting for you too. (Posted from Canmore at 11:43:40 PM EST)
J.G Move that bod fast on Saturday!!! Rosslanders all wish you well especially me! Love dogs and me (Posted from Rossland at 10:19:35 PM EST)
Jaime I'll be cheering hard George! Good-luck! (Posted from Canmore at 6:51:25 PM EST)
$#@! Georgie, Ski fast!!! I know you will!! I hope your having fun!! Woof, woof!! Go Dogger Go!!! (Posted from And The Guy Trips, Ontario at 4:30:19 PM EST)

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