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Beckie Scott Hometown: Vermilion, AB
Ski Club: Vermilon Nordic
Anya Lee Beckie, Your bronze medal was always really gold but now you have the recognition you so deserve!I am so so pleased for you!! Huge smiles and whoops of joy to you from this old biathlete. Merry Christmas to you and Justin, and your proud families!! Cheers, Anya (Posted from Ontario at 6:21:42 PM EST)
Meghan Brohman Congratulations Beckie on your GOLD!! We knew that you would get it- you deserved it!! Thank you for all the inspiration you have given us all in and for x-country skiing! (Posted from Edmonton Alberta at 5:26:23 PM EST)
Eli Brown Beckie, congrats on GOLD!!! you have changed the sport forever. Now its a level playing field, now kids can dream of winning through hard work, and the cheaters are scared, they can run but they cant hide. thank you for all you have done! (Posted from New Hampshire at 8:37:18 AM EST)
Rick and Coreen Smith(nee Beloglowka) Congrats on all your accomplishments. Perhaps our paths will cross at Silver Star. (Posted from Vernon,BC at 1:11:11 PM EST)
Thomas Schwartz Hi Beckie! I saw you ski at the last winter Olympics. My wife and I were cheering for you. Go North America!! I am interested in xc skiing and I am considering buying some rolle skis and trying to get used to the skiing motion and doing some conditioning too. Do you have some recommendations on what roller skis to buy (mind you I am a little scared of the idea of going down hills and crashing). Also, are there any videos that I should buy that can show me how to become technically good at xc skiing? I am a long-time runner, but I have not raced in 10 years (I am 36 yrs old) and my wife is 41 (former competitive runner too). We both like the idea of non-impact activity and racing is in our blood, so to speak, but we have experienced surgeries on our legs and can't do much running without difficulties. That is our story. Thank you so much for your kind consideration and feedback. My email address is the following: . Again, many thanks! Thomas Schwartz (Posted from Eugene, Oregon, USA at 11:42:44 PM EST)
scott mccron gread work keep yp the great work!!!!! (Posted from sault ste marie; ontairo canada at 4:45:11 PM EST)
Monday Nite Ski Club Congrats, Beckie, on another fine ski season! Also congrats on being nominated for a Sport Canada Award! (Posted from Boundary Trails Nordic at 1:38:33 AM EST)
Hi Beckie: We have been following your great season and wish you all the best in the remainder of the year! Meghan (11 yrs. old)still wears that lovely toque you gave her last season (she wears it for all her races). Take care Jim (Posted from Edmonton at 12:40:34 PM EST)
Debbie Steitzer Hi there Beckie, congrats on your awesome world championships! WHat results! You make me and the rest of the cross country community extremely proud! Keep it up! (Posted from Calgary at 3:18:27 PM EST)
Kim & Bob Congratulations Beckie!! You continue to impress and inspire -fantastic effort and results in the sprints!!!! (Posted from Sun Valley at 11:23:48 AM EST)
Lauren Stoot Hi!!!! I am from Lappe Nordic in Thunder Bay, Ontario. You are producing awesome results!!! Keep up the great work!!! You did a super job in the Olympics!!!! You are my idol and the idol of all my ski friends! One day when you have some spare time (which you probably don't have alot of) you should come down to Thunder Bay!!! We have the greatest pancakes outside of Finland. Keep it up!!! (Posted from Thunder Bay, Ontario at 3:34:06 PM EST)
Christina Groulx Beckie!!! You amaze me! Your my hero!! You have really shown us that if you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything! I thank you for that! Keep up the EXCELLENT work and hopefully we'll see you out on the trails of Lappe Nordic! (Posted from Thunder Bay, Ontario at 3:27:25 PM EST)
Kelsey Hey Beckie!! oh my goodness!! you are such an awesome skiier!!you're my idol...i wish you the best for the races to come!! Come out to Thunder Bay sometime!!! It's awesome!..well anyways good luck!! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 8:04:26 AM EST)
John and Jerilyn Roycroft Best wishes for tomorrow's race. Go with the wind. (Posted from Port Sydney at 8:41:40 PM EST)
Katherine HAll Hey Beckie! you are one of my heros! you are goin to do great! u gotta cum visit us at lappe nordic in thunder bay again! we would all love that! every one here thinks your the greatist. good luck and go for the gold! (Posted from Thunder Bay Ont Canada (Lappe Nordic) at 4:12:37 PM EST)
Seija Grant CONGRATULATIONS Beckie you RULE! I believe that you can accomplish anything!!! Come visit all of us Thunder Bay again some time. (Posted from Thunder Bay at 5:33:01 PM EST)
Roslyn Smith (President, Ski NWT) We invite you to attend and compete at the Western Canadian Ski Championships in Yellowknife from March 28 to 30, 2003. Come and find out what north of Vermillion hospitality is all about! Imagine someone of your talent and fame competing at the final race in the annual North America cross-country race circuit! We will provide you and Justin with complimentary tickets on Canadian North, our official sponsors of the Westerns from Calgary, Edmonton or Ottawa. Contact John Argue, Chair of the Event Organizing Committee at or myself Roslyn Smith at . (Posted from Yellowknife, NT at 5:23:31 PM EST)
Kim & Bob Congratulations Beckie!! We are very excited for you and the rest of the team, going into the Worlds. Everyone must be really psyched now - Good Luck!! (Posted from Sun Valley at 10:43:36 AM EST)
Alison Jeffkins This is so exciting! Waiting for Tuesday when the fireworks begin. Good luck Beckie. (Posted from Sudbury Ontario at 9:21:48 AM EST)
Dave Awesome job Beckie. Keep kickin' ass. (Posted from at 9:04:08 AM EST)
David McGregor Good Luck....We are all Cheering! (Posted from Ontario at 6:57:45 AM EST)
William Urton Malamutes are cheering sooooooooo loud...can you hear us?? (Posted from XH ranch Saskatchewan at 7:22:11 PM EST)
Bill and Jeanne BS!!! Fly like the wind GIRL !!! (Posted from Bend at 11:13:17 PM EST)
Jaime Good-luck Beckie! I'll be cheering hard over here!! (Posted from Canmore at 6:46:58 PM EST)
Jean & Bill McKeever CONGRATULATIONS! Awesome races results! (Posted from Calgary at 2:23:00 PM EST)
Lynda Betcherman We will be cheering as loud as we can!! You have made us all so proud to be Canadian. Top of the podium to Ya!!!!! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 2:50:01 PM EST)

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