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Tasha Betcherman Hometown: Thunder Bay, ON
Ski Club: Lappe Nordic
Leslie Tasha you are the real DIVA! (Posted from Tbay at 6:30:18 PM EST)
John, Jerilyn, & Rebekah Congratulations on all your results from your first Word Championships! We are looking foreward to seeing you on Mon. (Posted from home at 8:51:35 AM EST)
Mary Roycroft Ranni Good luck Friday, Tasha! (Posted from Toronto at 8:53:23 AM EST)
Sarah Hey Girl, I finally figured out how to do this!! I'm soooo proud of you, your holding your own, racing well, being part of it, living mine and many others dream!! Hope Itlay is treating you well. Best of luck on Friday! My thoughts are with you. Heaps of love, Sarah (Posted from Ottawa at 8:30:41 PM EST)
mom hope Friday is a personal best..the stars are aligned...have a good one!! love and speed! (Posted from home at 3:41:05 PM EST)
Chris Elliott Absolutely super that you made the National Team and on the verge of winning the Worlds. Your Mom is very proud and between her and my own Mother (Barb Elliott)I have heard a lot about your efforts. You made it, savor it, and go like hell. From Chris and his family. (Posted from Finally a real winter in Toronto at 6:34:40 PM EST)
Donna Davidson Way to go Tash!! I have been struck with pneumonia and off work since Mt. Orford. Hope your 30km. is your best ever! We will be screaming from Carleton Place! Much love your Godmother (Posted from Ottawa at 4:53:03 PM EST)
Lauren Stoot Congratulations!!!!! Hi,I am from Lappe Nordic too!! You are doing an awesome job and keep it up!!! There is always little article in the paper about how you are doing!! You are doing awesome.It must be great to meet and race against all the "powerhouses". It must be so exiciting!!! Well keep giving us awesome results and have alot of FUN!!!! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 3:21:44 PM EST)
Dana Foster Sending good wishes and good luck to you and Dan all the way from Omemee!! From Dana, Jerry, Shanon, Brandon, Josh and Briar (we're Rose's relatives) (Posted from Omemee Ontario at 1:33:52 PM EST)
Mary Roycroft ranni Hi Tasha, Give Dan a big birthday hug from me. Good luck in your next race and have fun! I'm looking forward to seeing you and Dan next month. (Posted from Toronto at 11:06:48 AM EST)
Tasha Thank you everyone for all your encouragement. I had no idea this many people were watching out for me. We are having the time of our lives and both Dan and I are feeling really good. We are at the halfway point in the Championships and my next event is the 30 km Freestyle. Dan will be in the relay and then the 50km Freestyle. It's great to read all your messages. We can hear you cheering all the way from Canada. Best of times. (Posted from Val di Fiemme (ITA) at 6:41:02 AM EST)
Barbara Elliott Hi Tasha; We are so proud of you and all you are doing. We will hope for all good things. We send lots of PINK light. Love Barb (Posted from Nolalu On at 9:04:46 PM EST)
therese and nelson hi tash and good luck to you. I sent a happy birthday greeting to Dan. Same day as J.P. and both great guys.........therese (Posted from thunderbay at 5:37:21 PM EST)
mary Lee Again I say congrats Tasha! gabe, matt, Heidi, Bryne and I are watching and cheering and yes my clients at work are thrilled to have a local doing world class. keep strong and healthy. love ML (Posted from Kam at 2:25:03 PM EST)
M.O.B keep up the good work!! hope that little body is holding up with so many racing days! May the force be with you!! Treat the birthday boy well!! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 2:27:10 PM EST)
Your London Fans Way to go Tasha,we are cheering you on. Keep up the good work. (Posted from London,Ontario at 1:05:06 PM EST)
Logan Maley way to go tasha great job that was awsome!!! congradulations! good job :) (Posted from Thunder Bay at 12:50:03 PM EST)
Mary Lee Tasha Iam so excited for you. Great racing! I have the Alzheimer clients cheering for our girl from Thunder Bay. You and Dan are the buzz at Lappe. We are so proud of you both! (Posted from Kaministiquia at 8:50:57 PM EST)
Eric Bailey and Big Thunder Nordic TASH!! Way to go! So happy for you! A huge cheer from everyone at Big Thunder for your awesome efforts so far, and good luck in your races to come!! You are all the buzz out on the Lappe and Kamview trails these days! We are all rooting for ya! Show 'em what your made of! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 8:37:00 PM EST)
The Northern Europe Team Annie, Philippe & Pat What a go Tasha! Great time and congratulations to Sara and Becky too! We are cheering for you in the next race too! The Ottawa gang is keeping hte waxing iron hot! (Posted from Foreign Affairs, Ottawa at 4:29:02 PM EST)
Michael Roycroft Way to go Tasha - awesome finishes!! Keep it up - you made the sports cast on CBC Radio (Calgary). Best of luck! M (Posted from Canmore at 1:27:01 PM EST)
Pinky, me and critter WOW! Looks like a personal best from here...congrats Tash...we are rootin' as loud as we can from here!! Keep it goin!! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 4:18:44 AM EST)
Shayla Way to Go Tasha!! Keep up the good work...I'm cheering like crazy for you!! (Posted from Canmore at 12:26:40 PM EST)
Shane Maley Way to go Tasha!Hope you have great races and lots of fun!! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 8:37:23 AM EST)
John and Jerilyn Best wishes in tomorrow's race. Have a blast! (Posted from Port Sydney at 8:43:45 PM EST)
Lee Fizgerald Lots of good luck for your races coming up this week. Love Gram (Posted from London at 8:20:20 PM EST)
Erik Have a great race tomorrow, Tasha. You're a tough customer, I'm glad I'm not racing you tomorrow! (Posted from Canmore at 7:39:25 PM EST)
John, Chris, Austin & Tristan Mansz Tasha, we are cheering for you. Best of luck in your future races. Lots of love to you and Dan. (Posted from Unionville, Ontario at 5:49:09 PM EST)
Fitz and friends we will be gathering at 4a.m. to watch the race live on We think?? We are having fun being cross-country aging groupies?? Wish we were there for hugs, vino and pizza! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 5:42:44 PM EST)
Christina Groulx Tasha! I'm from Lappe Nordic as well and all I can say is "WOW!!!" You don't understand how much this means to me, knowing that the same people who help us out have helped you! You have really made me believe that we can make it as far as you have! Congratulations! The best of luck to you! (Posted from Thunder Bay, Ontario at 3:39:07 PM EST)
Pat, Fabienne,Réjean Tash, We're cheering for you! It's amazing that you've made it as far as the World Championships. We hope that you and Dan both ski your personal bests. Lots of love and hugs from your Ottawa fan club (xoxo). (Posted from Ottawa at 7:45:54 PM EST)
critter one more sleep you you! Then go fast! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 6:32:37 PM EST)
Katherine Hall Hey Tasha, my name Katherine Hall, you dont know me but i Ski at LAPPE NORDIC!! i just wanted to say good luck and push it all the way! and good luck! make thunder bay proud! (Posted from Thunder Bay Ont. Canada at 4:03:26 PM EST)
Ward Fox Hi Tasha: I wish you luck in your races.Stay strong and lead the way. Love Ward.P.S.Gram says Hi. (Posted from London,Ontario at 10:29:59 AM EST)
Steve Legace & Brenda Ryan We've been hearing a lot about you lately and it's all been really exciting. Keep it up, all the best, our wishes are with you both. Have fun from your friends. (Posted from Orleans Ottawa at 9:46:51 PM EST)
Myles Cizmar Tasha; Go Get em girl. Have fun and best of luck. (Posted from Thunder Bay , Lappe Nordic at 7:18:23 PM EST)
little Laura hey girl,,It's me Laura!! I'm so proud of you! You're so awesome and you've worked so hard for this,,it seems like a lifetime ago that we once trained together out at our camps and did concessions,,You are a strong women and I'm so happy for you,,I'll be thinking of you and Dan, Good Luck in all your races!! (Posted from Winnipeg at 7:05:26 PM EST)
Kelsey Dool Hey! My name is Kelsey Dool and im part of Lappe Nordic Ski Club... you've never met me before but I'm so happy for you! That is AWESOME!! im so proud!! I hope you do well.. and ofcourse you will!! Well anyways GOOD LUCK!!! from me and everyone from lappe nordic! (Posted from Lappe nordic at 5:37:24 PM EST)
Seija Grant Congratulations on your amazing feat! Your hard work and dedication have paid off~!!! You're AMAZING! WAY TO GO! :D Say "Hi" to Beckie & Sara for us too! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 5:29:53 PM EST)
kathy storozuk i ran into your mom at kamview this week and she told me about your fabulous news. WOW! yOU ARE world CLASS!I'M VERY PROUD OF YOU . GO GIRL! (Posted from thunder bay at 5:21:40 PM EST)
Travis Comeau Congrats Tash!!!! Your doing awesome....WORLDS eh?? Thats so cool, Wishing you luck(not that you need it), Travis Comeau ;) by the way; that little dude's supposed to be a winking smiley face ;) (Posted from Thunder Bay, Ontario at 3:44:17 PM EST)
tashabetcherman You tear them up out there, girl! Seize the day and make it our own, you've earned it. I proud to know you. Take care of yourself and we'll see you in March. Love, Melanie, Kevin, Carter & Georgia (Posted from at 3:42:14 PM EST)
tashabetcherman Go get 'em tash. We know you can do it! Good luck to Dan, as well. The conditions in Duntroon are excellent at the present moment. See you both in March. Love, Bruce and Di. (Posted from asiago,italy at 1:28:07 PM EST)
Shirley and Rose Way to go Tasha (Posted from Ontario at 8:49:57 AM EST)
Kate Shedden p.s. vat colour vax you use? (Posted from Fergus, Ontario at 9:34:57 PM EST)
Kate Shedden I thought of you the entire time I ploughed down an icy hill, screaming at the top of my lungs, in front of my entire grade 4 class. YOU GO GIRL. Good luck, Dan. Lots of Love, Kate (Posted from Fergus, Ontario at 9:33:29 PM EST)
Marilyn Foster Bring back part of the world,good luck to you and Dan from Marilyn, Rose's sister. (Posted from Omemee,Ontario at 7:15:39 PM EST)
Loretta Toffanin Hey Tasha, remember me, I know it has been a long time since we were both kids together on college street, but I just wanted to wish you good luck on your races and know that I am rooting for you. Your mom gave me this site, when she found me at the daycare, looking after austin. Congratulations on your accomplishments this far and for the ones that I am sure will come along the way. Take care. Good Luck (Posted from Thunder Bay at 6:44:32 PM EST)
John & Jerilyn Roycroft It's such a joy to see your picture up next to Beckie & Sara. You've worked hard for it. Enjoy every moment! We're so happy and proud to have you in our family. Port Sydney is rooting for you too. (Posted from Port Sydney at 6:52:24 AM EST)
Irene & Jim Carswell Best wishes to you and Dan in your skiing endeavours. We are with you all the way. You can do it with ease. Grandma Lee's classmate.GOOD LUCK (Posted from London,Ont. at 9:08:08 PM EST)
Mae [3rd cousin] How exciting to know you are at World Championships.Wishing you well all the way.Love Mae (Posted from London,Ont. at 8:58:38 PM EST)
gayle power C0ngratulations on your win. We are looking forward to find out what appens on Feb.18-Mar. 1 (Posted from 55+ centre Thunder Bay, ON at 8:08:58 PM EST)
Tasha Betcherman Hi Tash;We are very proud of you and Dan. We wish you strength and speed for your races coming up. Loads of love from Gram & Ward . (Posted from Switzerland at 7:24:12 PM EST)
Rose Legace Love to you and Dan. (Posted from thunder Bay at 2:10:24 PM EST)
Julia Lenardon Tasha: Remember me? I used to stay at your home when I played roles at Magnus Theatre. Am a professor of theatre now and am working in the US. Just a note of congrats and encouragement for you. How proud your family must be, and certainly your friends are, including me! Work hard and enjoy yourself. All the best. Please pass along my very best to your mum. (Posted from Michigan State Uiversity, East Lansing MI at 10:17:41 AM EST)
mom hey! What can I say!! Hope you are finding time to have some fun and fabulous food..give Dan a big birthday hug from me! Laugh lots...enjoy, enjoy, your best!!Do the laundry! love ya girl!! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 8:04:23 AM EST)
Irwin Smith and kate Shedden Wishing you much speed as we follow your travels and send good luck wishes from a frozen in southern ontario. (Posted from Fergus, Ontario, Canada at 9:40:32 PM EST)
Jaime So happy for you Tasha! Go get'em! I'll be sending all my energy your way. Here's to Cafe Boeuf!! (Posted from Canmore at 6:48:17 PM EST)
Cora and the Greers Tasha: Your mom let us know the great news last week. I'm glad we can send you our best wishes. Cheers from Wayne, Cameron, Cody, Courtney and Corrina. (Posted from Waterloo, Ontario at 12:38:04 PM EST)
Bob Edwards Tasha: The entire ski community of Thunder Bay is behind you and Dan. We are so thrilled by you both making the team. All the best for the Nordic World Championships! Carol, Deanna, and Bob Edwards (Posted from Thunder Bay at 11:33:44 AM EST)
Philip Betcherman Hey best in west congratulations.Remember to keep looking straight ahead.In my books you are already a winner.Love Dad. (Posted from South Pasadena Florida at 8:40:22 AM EST)
Helen and Chris Hey Tasha-just heard the news that you and Dan are both there-Right where you should be-so you go girl cause we're all behind you (w-a-a-a-y behind you. (Posted from Canmore at 9:18:44 PM EST)
Mary Roycroft Ranni Dear Tasha, How wonderful that you and Dan are both at the World Championships together. We're so proud that you're part of the family and are doing so brilliantly. I just watched a Canadian woman get a gold in downhill skiing. Bet you could bring it home for Nordic. Love, Mary (Posted from Toronto at 8:42:42 PM EST)
J.P. and yvette st.amant Good for you Tasha....have the race of you life.....we're watching you and know you'll do well. Good luck J.p. and yvette (Posted from vancouver B.C. at 8:40:25 PM EST)
therese and nelson dear tash, hope the scenery is exciting. Thunderbay is watching and cheering for you. lots of luv.therese and nelson (Posted from thunderbay at 8:25:27 PM EST)
Susan Garrett Hi Tasha, Rose just phoned me about your fabulous accomplishment. Best wishes for continued success in Italy to both of you. Way to go! (Posted from Sault Ste. Marie at 7:44:32 PM EST)
Laura O'Neill Go Tash!! Hope all goes well in Italy and you get to eat some good food! Good luck girl! (Posted from Guelph at 6:40:15 PM EST)
peg and dale Hey tash and dan we are all rootin' fer yah. Good luck and fast skis.wish we were there Listen hard and you'll hear us cheering. (Posted from thunder bay at 6:37:45 PM EST)
Brother Ben Hey sis! What can I say??the early bird gets the worm? the second mouse gets the cheese? The force is with ya!! and all that!! love ya girl!! (Posted from Ottawa at 3:06:46 PM EST)
Pam Sheils Have a great race. Everyone is wishing you good speed. (Posted from Thunder Bay, Ont. Can. at 12:01:24 PM EST)
Sandra Summers & Chris Cassesl Hi Tash: All the best in the races. We are both so proud of all you have accomplished. We'll send you energy (and speed -- of light?) to do what you can do. Love, Chris and Sandra (Posted from Winnipeg, Mb at 11:17:28 AM EST)
Tasha Betcherman Congratulations from all your Les Amis fans and best wishes for success in the competition. Hope to see you at Duntroon. Bruce Alexander (Posted from Worlds XC at 8:51:23 AM EST)
Lappe Nordic Ski Club Way to go, Tasha! We're all proud of you. Good Luck. Lappe Nordic (Posted from Thunder Bay, Ont at 8:05:05 AM EST)
Brady Good Luck Tasha!! Ski fast!!! Go for it!! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 10:50:56 PM EST)
Jean and Ken Morrison We're so proud that we know you and that you are almost a neighbour.We've admired your determination for a long time and we'll be cheering for you.With love and very best wishes. Jean & Ken Morrison (Posted from Peter St., Thunder Bay, Ontario at 10:43:37 PM EST)
alec smith Tasha, wishing you and your team-mates all the best for the upcoming races. Hope you are in good spirits and know that we are all cheering for you. good luck and go fast! Alec and Jess (Posted from Guelph, Ontario at 10:23:47 PM EST)
Ruth Ttye McKenzie How exciting Tasha! I am sending God's love and best wishes to you to be able to do your best ! Hooray for you. You should be proud of all your accomplishments Love Ruth (Posted from Thunder Bay , Ontario Canada at 8:12:58 PM EST)
Settimio Bellitini Mamma will love my Italy will love you! I have phoned Marco Corsini from across the street, but he is living far away from Val di fiemme ..we must know the race days for you soon! Go Fast!! We all cheer whole team!!! (Posted from thunder Bay at 3:11:59 PM EST)
Rose and Gord Legace We can hardly wait 'til the races will hear our cheers for sure..we are so proud of your hard work taking you so and best wishes (Posted from Ottawa and Thunder Bay at 1:44:51 PM EST)
Mary Lee Tasha I am so thrilled for you. You've got it! Go get them! Skiing is great here now but we all (at Lappe) are with you and Dan in spirit. Thinking of you and sending our very best wishes. Love mary Lee (Posted from kaministiquia at 10:59:48 AM EST)
Kate Good luck from your Southern Ontario fan club! (Posted from Mississauga at 10:14:27 AM EST)
Mike Hey Tasha!! I'm cheering you on, good luck. (Posted from Mississauga at 10:08:28 AM EST)
Deb You have come so far...don't stop now...think medal!!your ski angel is smiling wide!! (Posted from Heaven at 9:13:34 AM EST)
Millie B Watching over got it girl!! (Posted from Heaven at 9:10:44 AM EST)
Lyn Fitzgerald We know you can do it girl..take no prisoners!! Hope you can hear us cheering all the way from thunder Bay! (Posted from Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada at 9:07:54 AM EST)
Austin Burchat Go get them aunt are the best and you too..hugs and kisses (Posted from Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada at 9:05:09 AM EST)

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