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Brian McKeever Hometown: Calgary, AB
Ski Club: Lifesport
Jean & Bill (Jan. 20, 2004) Congratulations Team Canada. Your doing awesome! Keep up the pressure!!! (Posted from Calgary, AB at 2:16:43 PM EST)
BigBri hey dude (Posted from canmore at 8:56:19 AM EST)
Graham Bri- Nice work! (Posted from W. Horse at 3:47:27 PM EST)
Dave Nice work Brian. You are the man!!! (Posted from North Bay at 12:21:45 PM EST)
Brian McKeever One more gold and Kaspar gets a new haircut on the podium so the pressure is on. Thanks to all for the support. (Posted from Baiersbronn, Germany at 9:16:56 AM EST)
David McGregor Awsome results. Keep it up. Everyone here is cheering! Oh ya.....where the heck are you going to put all these medals...? (Posted from Ontario at 7:01:10 AM EST)
Erik Could have used your help breaking track at the Birkie! I was 43min. slower than last year, and once again 4th. Sounds like you found that extra gear, and your shooting has improved tremendously. Great job and keep it up! (Posted from Canmore at 2:56:42 PM EST)
Martin, Georg, and Penny Rock on, guys!! You can never have too much fun!! (Posted from FNSC, Calgary at 12:27:54 PM EST)
Teresa Daffern Hi guys! Way to go. We're all so proud of you and thrilled to see your names in the papers here at home! Hope you're all staying well. BFN! (Posted from Calgary at 11:19:31 PM EST)
William Urton Great racing...all the malamutes are cheering for you...say hi to Kasper...see ya back in Canada (Posted from XH Ranch Saskatchewan at 11:01:13 PM EST)
Jane Congratulations on your results-well done!! (Posted from Rossland at 10:22:58 PM EST)
Joel and Mike Good Job Team McKeever (Posted from Joel's House at 5:27:00 PM EST)
Marcel, France Bravo les boys... C'est super ce que vous faites ..Continuez et bon succès pour le reste des courses.. à bientôt... (Posted from St-Quentin at 3:28:50 PM EST)
Lynda Betcherman WOW!! Keep those medals comin'! You are putting Canada "on the map". congratulations on the super results! Best Wishes for continuuing success in the upcoming races! (Posted from Thunder Bay at 6:21:12 PM EST)
Jean & Bill CONGRATULATIONS on winning the 2 Golds. We're really excited!!! GOOD LUCK on the next 4 races!!! GO TEAM GO!!! (Posted from Calgary at 2:15:41 PM EST)
Dan Way to go Brian! That's the way to do it! You guys are awesome. (Posted from Pontrasina at 1:48:19 AM EST)
Kevin way to go Brian and Rob - 2 Golds - you guys are rippin'!! Good luck in your last races............... give'er (Posted from Calgary at 1:25:10 AM EST)

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