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Canada Bids for World Cup in 2004/2005

Canada is scheduled on the 2005/2006 cross-country world cup calendar. Vancouver will host the 2010 Olympic Games.

Executive Summary:

This Proposal is a request for $425,000 to partially fund the hosting of a Cross Country Skiing World Cup event in the Calgary-Canmore region in December 2005. Our plan however is much more than this. December 2005 would be the first of three World Cups, with another in 2007, and a third in 2009. While 2007 and 2009 are not part of this proposal, they are considered as part of a plan that would change the economics of cross country skiing in Canada leading up to 2010.

Our plan connects Alberta as a partner with British Columbia in the development of sport capacity leading towards the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. It positions Cross Country Skiing as a sport that can expect “Best Ever” performances. It is a triumph of major Games’ legacies, that this proposal directly links the legacies from the Calgary Olympics to the future of 2010. It allows Alberta to continue its role as a partner in Canadian Winter Sport Excellence through 2010 and beyond.

For the sport of cross country skiing, the proposal provides a powerful opportunity to initiate fundamental and beneficial change in our relationships with private sponsors. The International Ski Federation has refreshed cross country ski racing with new formats producing spectator friendly, and exciting events. This is our opportunity to capture market share and build a foundation for future development of the sport in Canada for many years. The health and wellness impacts of cross country skiing are beyond question. It is an accessible healthy recreation that needs to be brought to the forefront of Canadian culture.

This is also an athlete centered proposal. It is a direct result of a request from Beckie Scott, Canada’s Olympic Gold Medalist, and greatest cross country skier. Her request for a domestic World Cup has been supported by her teammates, her coaches, and her community. Beckie’s striving for a level and ethical playing field in sport has been exemplary to the world. We can support her and her current and future teammates by helping level the field with domestic competitions.

In Canada we have the expertise. We have the team ready to compete. We have young skiers striving for development. We have the passion, vision, and will power. We only lack the initial investment.

FIS has granted Canada a 10 day period in December 2005 to host World Cup races. We wish to seize this opportunity and achieve several goals with the 2005 World Cup.

Hosting our own World Cup will allow additional Canadian cross country skiers to qualify for the Olympics by giving them home course advantage and by utilizing the additional start positions, or "Fills", that become available to the host country. For Alberta, the event will rekindle the memory of the Calgary/Canmore area as the host of the 1988 Winter Olympics, and provide a stepping stone for our highly competitive Alberta athletes to continue to lead North America and to set the stage for deepening our pool of world leading athletic achievements after the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Project Goals:

To host World Cup events in the Calgary/Canmore region that are:

1. Modern format (Pursuit, Mass Start, Sprint or Team Sprint. These are events that have been developed in the last 4 years, and have never been hosted at the World Cup level in Canada);
2. Televised world wide;
3. A vehicle for development of an expanded sponsorship base accessible to other NSO [Cross Country Canada] and PSO [Cross Country Alberta] projects;
4. Provide further development of our legacy of international event hosting expertise;
5. A showcase for Canadian talent on the road to 2006 and 2010;
6. A Showcase for Alberta and Calgary/Canmore as a world wide tourism destination with a unique culture and environment.
Quantified targets:
Modern Events:
These include Sprint, Pursuit, Mass Start, and Team Sprint. To achieve overall business goals we need to host one of the following combinations of events:
? Three Events - a Mass Start, Team Sprint, and Pursuit
? Two Events - an Individual Sprint and a Mass Start race

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