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Canadian World Cup Update - Your Support Urgently Needed

Wondering whatís been happening with the World Cup?


Well itís close. Over the winter a complete study of redevelopment of the Canmore Nordic Centre has been completed.  The study has recommended to the provincial government that the centre be redeveloped to a standard ready to host international events - thats right World Cups!  This study has been completed by several ministries of the Alberta Government Ė Community Development, Economic Development and Infrastructure. The Calgary Local Organizing Committee (LOC) has met with 2 of these ministries and received encouragement and support for the World Cup.  The study recently completed by these ministries, and their recommendations for redevelopment, will be submitted to provincial cabinet this month.  The Alberta government is very receptive to respectful and enthusiastic communication from potential users of the Nordic Centre. Thus, itís time for action from our community across Canada.


YOU can help by writing a short letter and sending it to the politicians listed below.  Several things to keep in mind:

  1. Be respectful.  Regardless of your personal politics, you are expressing and requesting their support for 1) the Canmore Nordic Centre redevelopment, and 2) the Calgary Canmore World Cup proposal.


  1. Mention that you are interested in athlete development and racing and that you support redevelopment of the Nordic Centre to a modern international standard.


  1. Tell them how excited you will be with the opportunity to attend and potentially compete at the World Cup against the best in the world.


With your help we can make a difference.  The time is critical and the time to write is TODAY.  Be sure to write to Premier Klein and to Mayor Craig. Mayor Craig is an avid supporter of both projects.   Your letter to him is to document your support.


Finally, add your name in the comment section below as a proud supporter of the Nordic Centre investment and the World Cup proposal.  If you donít see your friends name listed there, call them up and get them to write as well!!!  We have an opportunity to demonstrate how enthusiastic our skiing community is.  Letís take it and extend the Olympic legacy towards Vancouver 2010.  These projects will make a difference and have a positive impact on our community and cross country skiing in Canada. Write you letter TODAY!


We are VERY close to a positive decision IF the community expresses its support for the project.  The investment in the Nordic Centre and the World Cups will pay dividends to our sport for many years.  The time to act is NOW!!!


Thank you!   Your support is appreciated.  We are looking forward to standing beside you in 2005 as we cheer our Canadian skiers on to best ever world cup performances.


Calgary LOC:

Robert Hogg, Chief of Competition, Foothills Nordic Ski Club

Dale Swanson, Director of Events, Foothills Nordic Ski Club

John Cushing, Director of Events, Cross Country Alberta


The World Cup proposal is available here:





Everyone from across Canada can write to the Premier!  If you are an Albertan, and especially if you live from outside of the Calgary/Canmore corridor, please write to your Local MLA as well. This will add great strength to the Alberta-wide political impact. MLA addresses are available here:


Letters are preferred to emails as email do not get noticed. There is no need to make this a difficult exercise: short hand written, or typed, letters are very well received.  The Alberta government puts great value in enthusiastic communities - show them that the skiing community is one big enthusiastic community!    Address the letters to Premier Klein and cc them to the Ministers and Mayor. The Premier and the Mayor are the most important letters, but please make the extra effort and copy the ministers.  They will remember your letters when it is time to vote at cabinet!


The Hon. Ralph Klein, MLA, Premier
307 Legislature Building

10800 - 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB  

T5K 2B7

The Hon Gene Zwozdesky, MLA

Minister of Community Development 

229 Legislature Building

10800 - 97 Avenue

Edmonton T5K 2B6


The Hon. Mark Norris, MLA

Minister of Economic Development 

103 Legislature Building

10800 - 97 Avenue

Edmonton T5K 2B6


The Hon. Ty Lund, MLA

Minister of Infrastructure 

424 Legislature Building

10800 - 97 Avenue

Edmonton T5K 2B6


Mr. Glen Craig, Mayor
Town of Canmore
600 9th Street
Canmore, Alberta
T1W 2T2

So youíre done?  Your effort is appreciated! Remember to add your name below Ė youíve earned it!  Then, pat yourself on the back - you activist you! 



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