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Winners of the Skinny Ski Story Contest are announced

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The Racing Team and Salomon Canada are proud to announce the winners of this year's Skinny Ski Story contest. Over 30 stories were submitted by kids aged five to thirteen, from across Canada. The judges had a very fun time reading the different versions of how cross country skiing was invented. They were very impressed with the creativity of each and every story! The winning stories will be posted on and over the next two weeks! Thank you to Shayla Swanson, Erik Carleton, Gordon Jewett, Sara Renner and Rhonda Sandau for judging all of the stories. Visit next fall to find out about the 2005 Skinny Ski Story Contest.

1st Place


“How I Think Cross Country Skiing Began” by Hanne Collins

9 years old, Telemark Cross Country Ski Club, Kelowna BC


Runners Up


“The First Skis of Winter” by Ariel Raudsepp

11 years old, STANSKI, St. Albert, Alberta


“Rabbit Ski” by Zoë Williams

6 years old, North Bay Nordic Ski Club, North Bay, Ontario


“Urg and Ski” by Bridget Yard

13 years old, Porcupine Ski Runners, Schumacher, Ontario


“The True Tale of Tortoise and the Hare” by Heidi Wid mer

13 years old, Banff Ski Runners, Banff, Alberta



Draw Prize Winners


Michelle Doogan-Smith


Stuart Farintosh


Denzil Barkley


Harriet Stanford

Winning Stories will be posted on this week.

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