Friday, March 5, 2004 - Results
Tobias Fredriksson Wins Sprint in Lahti

World Sprint Champion Tobias Fredriksson of Sweden took the men's World Cup sprint today in Lahti, Finland, narrowly beating teammate Mikael Oestberg in a photo finish after a valiant final charge. It was a great day for the Swedish sprinters as they swept the men's podium. Oestberg was followed by Swede Joergen Brink, while Norwegian Haavard Bjerkeli took the final spot in the men's final.

No Canadian men competed today, but the American's had four men starting. The top American result came from Andrew Newell, who finished in 31st position. Torin Koos finished 50th, Carl Swenson was 69th and David Chamberlain was 86th.

World Cup action continues tomorrow with classic team sprints in Lahti.

Complete Results:

Men's World Cup Sprint, Lahti, Finland
1. Tobias Fredriksson, Sweden
2. Mikael Oestberg, Sweden
3. Joergen Brink, Sweden
4. Haavard Bjerkeli, Norway
5. Peter Larsson, Sweden
6. Trond Iversen, Norway
7. Renato Pasini, Italy
8. Jens Arne Svartedal, Norway

US Results:
31. Andrew Newell, USA
50. Torin Koos, USA
69. Carl Swenson, USA
86. David Chamberlain, USA

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