Thursday, November 1, 2001 - Perspective
It's All About Your Dreams

- By: Charles Nadeau

The following article is not going to help you become a better athlete. In fact, it has nothing to do with sport. I did not even find any purpose to guide my work. However, if you read carefully, you will understand what this is all about...

For two weeks this fall, I had to stop doing what I like the most in my life, training. After a few days on the couch with a bag of chips and a few Pacino movies, I suddenly began to think about what I want my life to look like when I am old and ugly. I decided to write everything I want the future to be. After a little brain storming, I took the paper and I said to myself: "Wow! If I want to reach my goals, I will need the best education, good health, a good job, travel around the world, a little family with kids, a house in Canmore, a nice car and of course a dog. You may say I am a dreamer, maybe you are all right but don't tell me that you do not have these kinds of dreams too. I wont believe you.

Unfortunately, these dreams can create a lot of anxiety and stress, especially when you're an amateur athlete and you have a lifestyle in the margins of the society. For example, right now I am considered in the bureaucratic language as a "school dropout". I can tell you when you are a school dropout like me, sometimes at night when you go to bed you feel light-years from your $250,000 house and your powerful silver 911 Porsche! Sometimes at night, my mind is full of doubts and fears but these kinds of thoughts are totally futile and wont help me become what I want to be and worse, it wont help me to sleep!

However, despite all the bird names people call me, there is one thing I can do everyday to reach my goals in life. Every human being no matter the age, the social class or the color of the skin can do the same; this big secret is called imagination. Nobody can stop me from imagining the future the way I want it and the more I use my imagination, the more real things become . I can almost play with spot (my future dog) in the backyard of my house! I can see every little detail of my car. With imagination I can travel all over the world without spending a single dime. If I want I can climb Mount Everest. The possibilities are unlimited. Tell me why I should wait ten years if I can enjoy it right now?

I can see doubt on your face... Everybody knows this secret but, for some reason, our memory tends to forget the real worth of life and for some reason, a lot of people like me don't sleep until midnight thinking about all kinds of junk including money, recognition and standing. We often forget that after all, we are all sitting on the same bomb and that what is essential is to turn with the earth playing the game as hard as we can.

I hope you recognized yourself somewhere in this article and that I am not the only crazy dreamer in this part of the galaxy. Finally, try to unleash your imagination, you will see, it's a good medication against insomnia. With these words, good dreams.

(Charles Nadeau made the move from the Quebec City training centre to Canmore this year. He's had strong summer training season and looks forward to testing his great form in the coming races.)

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