Monday, October 15, 2001 - Perspective
Junior National Team Update

- By: Shayla Swanson

Junior National Team Update

I think that time is flying by faster than ever!! I remember thinking that I had one month to write this update. Now, here I am down to the wire as usual!! Speaking of time flying, it reminds me of my days in the Foothills Racing Rabbits group. It is hard to believe that was 8 years ago. It also makes me remember how important I felt when an older athlete, someone whom I respected and looked up to, expressed interest in me. In Grade 6 we practiced writing business letters. I wrote to one of those skiers that I admired, Rhonda Delong (Everyone else wrote to movie stars, imagine my teachers surprise when I wrote to a x-c skier!). Funny! Now she is my coach's wife, and I baby-sit for her! Last week I was fortunate enough to help out at the Foothills Nordic racing rabbit camp at Hawkridge. I couldn't believe the enthusiasm and "go getterness" of the group! These kids were at it all day, experiencing fitness tests, rollerskiing and treasure hunts. I realize that the secret to getting things done is having candy as the reward, I know it works for me! We also had a little discussion on goals, what they are, and how to achieve them. While one of the long term goals (a joke I hope) was to watch TV all day and go to the Video Game Olympics, a different one came in loud and clear: have fun!

I realize that as you get older treasure hunts may not be the best way to do your long distance training, but it is always important to keep a light heart! I think that this year, more than ever before, I have learned the importance of keeping things in perspective and making sure that I spend every day accomplishing something towards my greater goals. As the snow approaches and the excitement builds it is important for all of us to take the time to think about why we love to ski, because I know that if we can relay those reasons to young aspiring skiers, they may think again about striving to achieve a spot at the Video Game Olympics.

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