Monday, December 8, 2003 - Athlete Perspective Update: My Ski Rollers Hurdle Races And my first impression about Canada x-c ski high sport!

By: Ivan Babikov

Hi, my friends!

Hope you want to know more about how I am training in Canmore, in my new X-C.COM ski team. I wrote you terrible story about my meeting with local aboriginal Grizzly Brother Bear who wanted to send best regards to his friends in Russian Siberian forests... But it has passed and I hope never meet him again.

First what strikes me most is how Canada develops elite X-C skiing. I don’t know about other kinds of sports, but I can’t imagine how people still go in for x-c skiing mastering [becoming a professional XC skier] here and manage to progress. It really sounds unfair if you pay for your own participation in races. We never do things like that in Russia, Government [municipal and higher] paying for us [from regional to provincial level on]. It seems to me that the Government here pays almost no interest to high top sportsmen [that aren't on National Team]. No support from local authorities either. So, life is not easy for high ranked sportsmen here. But that’s their local high sport policy!

Canada is full of bad lucks for me. It seams to me I am always in the wrong place in the wrong time. I’ll try to explain what I mean:

In summer I was rolling on my skating ELPEX on Canmore road, just close to Three Sisters location (small village where some buildings are under construction). I noticed that the road went down and nobody used that way. I thought: “Let me find out why? What a nice upward slope will be on way back!”  So I was rolling and my ELPEX developed rather high speed, I felt great enjoyment flying: No traffic, no people, nice weather, and beautiful nature. But suddenly I raised my head and at once understood Why Nobody Used it! This road went to HWY, and there were metal rails to stop bikers and rollerskiers from going to HWY (I don’t know why). It was impossible to stop at such a high speed (you remember how we stopped on our rolling trail - by jumping into the bushes or with our buttocks). It happened so fast I just felt how my legs pushing hard and very fast and then was 1 second (or less) of flying. I did not know how I made a great long-high jump like a mountainous goat, for about 2 m long. Oh, my God! I remember how my back weels reached safety asphalt just 2-3cm after it began. Could you imagine how I was flying and how happy I was to land and stop rather far on the HWY! God saved me; there were no traffic at that time. When I returned back and had a look at the distance I had flown – I understood it was my second Day of Birth (or my next Canada’s bad lucks, in the first day I was hit by car in Toronto). It was a new kind of sport that I invented - extreme ski rollers hurdle races! I recommend it to those who are looking for extreme feeling.

Hope that they will enjoy it!!

Yes, life is full of challenges and opportunities and I am learning to overcome and not to give up, like at the 70km marathon after 60th km... You know...

So take care guys.

Wish you only good lucks...

Keeping training hard for following race!

Yours Ivan Babikov Racing team



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