Friday, November 28, 2003 - Perspective
Adventures from the Middle

- By: Magi Scallion

As the westerners, easterners, southerners, and northerners appreciate their newfound snow, skiers in Kingston, Ontario (and a few other central locales) are still on the dryland equipment. Trapped in dismal brown countryside because of work and school commitments, our undying love for skiing is alive and well, we have not seen a snowflake yet. This morning is probably the closest brush we have had with the white stuff. Let me relate today in my training log…

At 6 am this morning, I dismally crawled from under my warm blanket into my cold room – a room that is cold because the window has a hole in it – at the sound of my heart rate monitor’s incessant chiming. I carefully layered on my training clothes, poked my tootsies into my smelly salomons and crept down the stairs and out of my sleeping abode with my trusty rusty silver rollerskis. Before I opened the exterior door I could hear the rain falling. As I stepped onto my crooked step my feet flew out from under me and I slid down to the ground like a fallen leaf in a hurricane. Freezing Rain! Not snow, not rain, but the hated middle child! What was I to do? Staggering off the ground and heading back up the flight of stairs on all fours I reached for the doorknob. I twisted but it would not turn. Silly me – I had locked the door. As I reached into my back pocket “silly me” turned into “stupid me.” Not only had I locked the door, I had also locked my keys inside the house. It was simply too early to wake the rest of my housemates so I slouched onto the street and began my ski – carefully. As it turned out, the road was not as treacherous as my step and my ski was OK, albeit wet and slow. Had I been able to get into my house I would be there, sleeping. Since I could not sleep without dying of exposure on my front step, I got in the training I probably would have forgone in favor of an easy run.

So… to prevent this calamity from befalling other poor athletes in central Canada, please send snow to 202 Alfred Street, Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3R9 (or any other nearby location).

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