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NANOWAX CERAX - Advantages Over Conventional Ski Waxes

- By: Matthias Ahrens

Conventional Wax
  • Low number of contact points with the ski base
  • Islands of fluorination
  • Durability based on hardness

  • High number of contact points with the ski base
  • Homogenuos concentration of fluor
  • Superior Durability in all conditions

Conventional Wax
  • Leaves deposits on the ski base

  • The structure remains free, therefore the ski glides better
NANOWAX CERAX products are matched to different snow conditions, not to temperature and are available in a training or high fluor racing PRO version. An easy and quick application will save you time and money.

Cerax Waxes
PRO 1 race wax for coarsegrain old and manmade snow, granular, clusters, frozen-soft+moist, -5º and warmer
PRO 2 race wax for finegrain old and manmade snow, new snow mixed in, dry 0º to -20º
PRO 3 race wax for new snow, in general dry but also tolerates higher humidity and moisture, 0º to -20º
PRO 4 race wax for new or old snow, moist, glazed, or frozen and warming up, -5º and warmer, usually higher humidity
AS training wax for mainly dry snow, but tolerates some moisture, 0º to -20º
AS WET training wax for frozen to very wet snow, -5º and warmer
CLASSIC B fluid basebinder under hardwax or klister, tough - easy - quick
ANTI ICE fluid anti ice cover for the kick zone - over klister, hardwax or “hairies”

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