Sunday, November 16, 2003 - Perspective
Haywood National Team Report: Race Track Fever

- By: Drew Goldsack

Well, itís a new week and still the hot topic around Canmore is all the snow! No one can believe that there is actually natural snow in Canmore at this time of year. With the abundance of the white stuff everyoneís spirits are high and training hardly seems like work at all. After our early return from Fairbanks, Alaska, we were able to complete our camp here in Canmore with excellent conditions and very high quality training.

The snow was so good in fact that we were able to hold our first time trial of the year (which was 15km) on a 5km loop of excellent set classic track in Bragg Creek, just west of Calgary. The first time trial of the year is always a big one and my nerves usually run high in anticipation of the first race situation of the year. It is always great to get a time trial or two under your belt before the first Haywood NorAms as it makes the transition into the race season much smoother and gives us a chance to work out any bugs before the serious races start.

On the menís side it was a very close race with all of the National Team racers pretty much tied after 10km and only 31seconds separating the four of us at the finish line. I think everyone is in great shape and we are all eagerly awaiting the start of the race season. George took the race in 42:25 followed by Chris in 42:38. I was third in 42:47 and Devon was fourth in 42:56. Fifth place was taken by Ivan Babikov, who has recently moved here from Russia and is now training with the team out of Calgary.

n the womenís side the girls look to be in good shape as well. Beckie won the 10km race in 31:39 followed by Sara in 32:17,†then a tie between Milaine and Chandra for third in a time of 35:02. Milaine, who recently gave birth to a baby boy with quite possibly the best skiing genes in Canada (Robin Mckeever is the proud dad), is already back in the saddle and racing hard. Everyone was very impressed to see her out there racing so soon and Iím sure sheíll be up challenging Beckie, Sara and the other girls in no time! Great work Milaine!

I am counting down the days now to our first race and with each day my excitement grows. I just can't wait to get out and tear up the trails.

See ya out there!

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Source: Cross Country Canada

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