Friday, November 14, 2003 - Information
Wanted: Your Ski Stories and Experiences

By: Becky Laakso and Tara Whitten

Do you have personal ski racing experiences that you would like to share with the world? We (Tara Whitten and Becky Laakso) are interested in writing a history of cross-country ski racers in Canada and we'd like your input!

As young people who are intensely involved in cross-country skiing we find it frustrating that there is little information available about skiers who were racing in Canada before we got involved in the sport. We'd like to learn more, and we want to honour the men and women who have skied for this country in the past (or in the present) by telling their stories!

If you are interested in contributing any personal anecdotes, stories about other Canadian cross-country skiers, race results that should be included, photographs or anything else of this type, please contact us:

Becky Laakso at () or Tara Whitten at ()

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