Thursday, October 11, 2001 - Waxing
Vauhti Fluor Application Cloth

It has extremely low receptivity i.e. it is not greatly affected by heat and moisture.

Protects the ski base and the core (honeycomb) from the heat of the iron.

Protects the waxes, especially fluorinated race waxes and pure fluor compounds, from the heat of the iron.

  • Vauhti waxes and additives should be applied with fairly low iron temperatures (ca. 80C, max. 120C). If you use too hot iron, it may break down the formula of the ski wax. Then the wax does not perform at it's best or the amount of the fluor compound in the product may decline, because part of it evaporates "to the air". (The harmful fluor fumes will develop only in the temperatures of 300C and over.)