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X-C.com Kamloops Ski Clinics – January 24, 2004


The X-C.com Racing Team is Canada’s only cross-country skiing factory racing team, helping support Canada’s future stars in their quest for international success. 


Our team members, who range from ex-National Junior, Development and Senior Team members to past Olympians, are offering you an exciting way to learn about skiing by sharing their knowledge with you in a variety of enlightening activities that will allow you to better enjoy your passion for cross-country skiing.


Skating Technique Clinics


All levels welcome

6:1 skiers to coach ratio


Beginner Clinic - “I am new to the sport and wish to feel comfortable on skis”

Level:  0 to 10 times on skis

Length:  2hr clinic

Cost: $40

X-C.com Racing Team Member:  TBA

Clinic’s Focus: 

*Fun, relaxed atmosphere

*Learn the basic techniques in order to better enjoy the sport


Women’s Clinic

Level:  Beginner to intermediate

Length:  3 hours

Cost:  $65

X-C.com Racing Team Members: Tentative-Olympian Jaime Fortier and Ex-National Team Tara Moran

Clinic’s Focus: 

*Learn the basic techniques in a fun and comfortable environment.

*Discussions on how to train for a loppet.


Performance Improvement Clinic - “I want to improve my loppet time from last year”

Level:  Advanced

Length:  3 hours

Cost: $65

X-C.com Racing Team members:  Phil Villeneuve and TBA

Clinic’s Focus:

*2hr on snow session - technique work w/video analysis

*Indoor discussion on training, nutrition, strength and racing strategies.

*Tips and tricks to cut valuable time off your PB


To Register or find out more about the Kamloops Ski Clinics contact:

Phil Villeneuve – X-C.com Racing Team Manager at:

or 403.609.0480

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