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Trond Nystad Interview

Trond Nystad has enjoyed huge success with the American cross-country ski team this season. Nystad shared these thoughts with

Traditionally the Americans have skied well at home, yet had problems in Europe. Can you give us some background for the success this winter for Freeman and Swenson in terms of training, background and other relevant information.

It has generally been tough for Americans to consistently do well in Europe. There are several challenges by being from the US and then having to race the whole winter in Europe. The travel is often long and it is an 8-hour time difference to adapt to. We also do not have the luxury of going home between races. This means that we have to spend several months at ski races without the opportunity to go home. When that is said, we do believe that we can find a way to race and live in Europe and have our racers race up to their potential.

The number one reason for success this year has been a strong team atmosphere. We focused on building a strong team where everyone on the team works together to build a strong and cohesive group. The athletes and the support staff have committed to celebrate success together and support each other in hard times. It goes without saying that to do this we have to have the right racers and the right support staff who can work together. Our team concept has really worked out well. We have formed a very strong and dynamic group that is poised for success and can handle tough times as well. The team has agreed to work hard and smart to achieve results. That means that we are going to try whole-heartedly to do everything right. No excuses are tolerated.

We have facilitated a team environment where risk taking is encouraged. We realize that to succeed we have to be willing to take risks in training, travel and in our approach to races. It is sometimes hard to know where we stand when we are racing mostly in the US before January. Our racers realized that they had potential to do well after Justin Wadsworth finished 22nd in Davos before Christmas. Our racers now race to win. They might not win all the time, but the attitude has changed. We now know that we can be among the best in the world.

Training has been going well for everyone. Compared to other years we have focused more on strength and intensity. This seems to have paid off. The two racers with the most success this year were also the healthiest ones. There is no doubt that several more of our racers would have been performing at a higher level if we have had a little more luck with health issues. Racers health is however an important part of the equation and it is one that will be even more prioritized in the future.

We had a wax service team that did a tremendous job in selecting skis, testing structures and waxing. We feel that we are closer to the rest of the world than we have ever been in this department.

What happened to Bauer from last season?

John Bauer decided to focus on his Physical Therapy business. He decided not to race internationally as the business took too much of his time.

What is you opinion on the program suggestions for Val di Fiemme 2005?

We are ski racers and we race ski races. Whatever the program for 2005 is, we will be there to do fight for great results.


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