Sunday, March 20, 2005 - Perspective
Z-Tour Update From Kananaskis

- By: Shayla Swanson

Hello everyone!!  This is Jacqui Benson, Shayla Swanson and Rhonda Sandau saying hello from the z-tour.  It’s  too bad our plane got confused in the air and came to Calgary instead of ZurichJ.   This weekend our travels take us to Kananaskis country where we are getting acclimatized for the Great Canadian Birkibiener.  We have realized that the three of us are the some of the few senior women left in western Canada….  So in the interest of entertaining our fellow athletes, we decided to give you an update on our travels at home. 


 The skiing here in Kananaskis country is amazing and the break from racing is allowing us to get in some good training hours.  Each morning we have awoken to a fresh layer of snow, and started up the trail towards the top of elk pass.  We chose this particular destination because unlike Canmore, Kananaskis actually has natural snow!!


Along with the important recovery sessions after training we have a long list of extra curricular activities that have been keeping us entertained.  Jacqui’s personal favorite seems to be playing her favorite game with 5 dice!  Every so often Rhonda and I hear a “Wa hoo! Yahtzee!”  Jacqui claims that this extreme obsession is driven by a lack of “intellectual” things to keep her busy.  Rhonda has been doing homework like a mad woman; finishing her correspondence courses in the same amount of time it takes Jacqui to play a game of Yahtzee.  I (Shayla) have been dealing with some severe ants in my pants (I don’t really take well to relaxation!).  Rhonda and Jacqui were very relieved to see me fall asleep yesterday afternoon so I would stop singing and dancing in the living room.  


And now, the answer to the question you’ve all been waiting for…we’ve also been having saunas, makeovers, photo shoots and pillow fights in our panties!!  (just kidding…for some of them at least!)


That’s all for now!  Hopefully you found this update to be entertaining.  We just wanted everyone to know that while we would love to be somewhere else…we’re having a great time here, enjoying the great Canadian winter, while cheering for our Canadian teammates who are racing in Europe!! Stay tuned for the next updates as we tour through northern Alberta!!

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