Monday, December 16, 2002 - Results
Freeman and Wagner Take Last Races Before Christmas

Wendy Wagner and Kris Freeman have controlled the pre-Christmas continental cup races with complete dominance. They proved that once again in the last race before the Christmas break as rain and wet weather once again plagued Sunday's Rossland stop on the circuit.

Wagner, who has seldom been beaten this year, won by a massive margin of almost 40 seconds in the 5km event, which was actually skied on a loop just over 6km in length. The rain that was present in the warmup stopped during the men's race and the women where able to race under predominantly dry skies. Canadian junior sensation Daria Gaiazova finished second on the difficult course followed by country-women Tasha Betcherman in 3rd, Christine Bisson in 4th and Andrea Nighbor in 5th. It was a strong day for the Canadian women, who placed 9 skiers in the top 10.

The rain held off for long enough in the men's race for Freeman to get his revenge over teammate Carl Swenson, who bested him the day before in the 30km skate event. David Chamberlain, winner of the sprint event in West Yellowstone two weeks ago made his first appearance on the distance podium, taking 3rd. Andrew Johnson finished 4th with local hero George Grey making an appearance in the top five for the first time this year. Chris Jeffries was the only other Canadian in the top 10, finishing 8th, 1 minute and 35 seconds behind the leaders.

Continental Cup action takes a break for the holidays now and will resume with the US National Championship events in Maine during the beginnning of January. Few Canadians are expected to attend those races as they prepare for the Canadian World Championship trial events in Mont Sainte Anne and Mont Orford during the second half of January.

Senior Men (10km Classic)
1. FREEMAN,KRIS 0:37:00.2
2. SWENSON,CARL0:37:08.1
4. JOHNSON,ANDREW 0:37:49.7
5. GREY,GEORGE0:37:59.9
6. FLORA,LARS 0:38:19.6
7. GIESE,CHAD 0:38:23.1
8. JEFFRIES,CHRIS 0:38:35.8
9. WEAVER,PATRICK 0:38:47.0
10. STEWART,DAVID 0:38:52.3
11. KERSHAW,DEVON0:38:52.8
12. KATES,ADAM 0:39:12.7
13. JEWETT,GORDON 0:39:22.4
14. WARD,CASEY 0:39:29.9
15. ROYCROFT,DAN0:39:33.0
16. CROOKS,SEAN (JR) 0:39:36.1
17. LEMIEUX,JASON0:39:49.1
18. VILLENEUVE,PHIL 0:39:54.4
19. MCKEEVER,BRIAN 0:39:57.3
20. SAIDLA,KARL0:39:57.4

Senior Women (5km Classic)
1. WAGNER,WENDY 0:21:25.1
2. GAIAZOVA,DARIA (JR) 0:22:04.7
5. NIGHBOR,ANDREA 0:22:35.8
6. WHITTEN,TARA 0:22:39.4
8. CRAWFORD,CHANDRA (JR) 0:22:54.2
9. MORTIMER,COLLEEN (JR) 0:23:08.6
10. NADEAU,GABRIELLE 0:23:12.2
11. KONRAD,SARAH 0:23:20.3
12. BENSON,JACQUI 0:23:27.8
13. MCTAVISH,MEGAN 0:23:28.8
14. JODER,KRISTINA 0:23:35.5
15. AMAR,AMANDA (JR)0:23:42.3
16. SWANSON,SHAYLA 0:23:42.4
17. HAMILTON,JENNY (JR) 0:23:47.9
19. TREMBLAY-ST-GERMAIN,A (JR) 0:23:56.4
20. JONES,PERIANNE (JR) 0:24:09.7

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