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Momentum: Chasing the Olympic Dream

Momentum: Chasing the Olympic Dream

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Momentum: Chasing the Olympic Dream by two-time Olympian and current US Cross-Country Ski Team coach, Pete Vordenberg, is a memoir of growing up in pursuit of an Olympic medal. You have likely read Vordenberg’s stuff in The Master Skier, SkiPost, Cross Country Skier and other publications, now you can get the whole story.

Momentum has been described as “The most interesting picture to date on what it’s like to ski…and live…really fast.”

Momentum is a voyage following the pursuit an Olympic gold medal. It travels the world and crosses from childhood to the edge of adulthood. It shares the humor, excitement, and poignancy inherent in the pursuit of dreams, exploring the themes of friendship, balance, choice, struggle, failure, and success along the way.

A few short excerpts:

Racing in Sweden:
“Gunde Svan came even with me, passed me. The hill leveled out and then popped up over a small rise. I was rested from the short descent and was determined to stay with him until I died. He did not gain a step on me up the hill. The course took a sharp left and descended a long gradual down hill. I was in the thick of sound now, skiing in the wake of Gunde. The corner was lined with fans, screaming and blowing horns, pounding drums. I skated for all I was worth and slipped up alongside Gunde as we both fell into a tuck to ride out the long straight down hill. He paid me only one slight glance, but it was one of mild astonishment: ‘You? Are you still there?’ I was…”

Traveling in Europe:
“A huge man had passed out shirtless on the floor, and while some people stepped over and around him, most stepped on him. Some kicked at him and shouted for him to move. At times he would grunt and growl and try to get up. His flesh made a sticky sucking sound as he tried to rise from the alcohol, cigarette butts, puke, and general slime that was the train’s floor. He could not do it. Night’s end found the train rolling quietly along, full of half dead, totally drunk passengers. Cory and I sat against the wall on our backpacks wedged next to the snoring man on the floor…”

On vacationing with Justin Wadsworth:
“Justin waded off-shore to do some fly-fishing, and as it turned out, to redefine agony. He stepped on a stingray. The ray’s tail whipped up and its spine punched a hole through Justin’s shoe and into his foot. The spine deposited a poisonous protein into the gash in his foot, said by the locals to be more painful than the venom of a rattlesnake.
“Cascabel, you know? Serpiente? Is nothing my friend. This…it gonna to hurt.”
At first the wound hurt Justin as any gash on your instep would, but as the man told us, when the real pain came on, we’d know it…”

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