Sunday, September 16, 2001 - Perspective
Junior National Team Update

- By: Madeleine Williams

Junior National Team Update

This is the time of year that life as a member of the junior team really gets interesting. Many team members are heading back to school, and as such, the focus of our lives shifts from being mainly a skiing focus to being a combined school and skiing focus. In addition, the intensity of training is stepping up in preparation for the first snowfall.

Following a big week on the glacier, and a great rest week, training has resumed. The training currently under way is geared towards much more specific development than the majority of our summer training. We are working hard at specific strength, which incorporates a large russian pulley component, as well as bounding, and some less specific weight room strength exercises. Training in the fall is increasingly intense, and the focus of many of our workouts is speed or interval training. The scent of fall is in the air, and we are all getting very excited for the upcoming season!

To compliment the many lessons learned from our lives as elite athletes, the majority of the team is enrolled in school this fall. Shayla (Swanson) and Jacqui (Benson) have returned to the University of Calgary for their third and second years respectively, while Devon (Kershaw) and I begin our first year at the U of C. Dasha (Gaiazov) has returned home to Montreal and is attending cegep there. Dave (Nighbor) is back home in North Bay for his grade twelve year. Chandra (Crawford) and Andrew (Leoni) remain in Canmore.

Our thoughts and prayers go out the victims and and the families of the victims of this week's tragedies in our neighbor country.

Madeleine Williams
Canadian National Junior Team

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