Thursday, December 5, 2002 - Results
Freeman and Wagner Dominate Silver Star Classic Race

Kris Freeman and Wendy Wagner posted dominating wins in today's Continental Cup classic race in Silver Star, BC. Snow has been scarce in western Canada as warm weather has plagued that area for the past two weeks, but to the bane of all coaches the snow once again arrived the morning of the classic race to complicate waxing. Fortunately no substantial accumulations meant that conditions were not difficult.

Kris Freeman quickly closed the 30 seconds gap to his older brother Justin Freeman, in under 6km of the 15km race. The two then stuck together to the end of the race, building a substantial lead on the rest of the field. Andrew Johnson finished 3rd just under a minute behind the winner. David Chamberlain and Carl Swenson finished 4th and 5th.

In the women's race, Wendy Wagner put in an equally impressive performance as her countryman, also winning by over 30 seconds. Canadian Dasha Gaiazova, who is still a junior, finished second, followed by Junior National teammate Colleen Mortimer in third. Tasha Betcherman and Erin Quinn-Hurst rounded out the top five.

Action continues tomorrow with night-sprint racing at Sovereign Lakes ski club. In a slightly abnormal format, the top 32 qualifiers will contest the elimination round.

Top 10 Results
Men's 15km Classic
1 Kris Freeman USA 45:55.2
2 Justin Freeman USA 46:26.0
3 Andrew Johnson USA 46:52.9
4 David Chamberlain USA 47:41.6
5 Carl Swenson USA 47:54.3
6 George Grey CAN 48:01.4
7 Chris Jeffries CAN 48:11.7
8 Lars Flora USA 48:16.7
9 Patrick Weaver USA 48:29.0
10 Phil Villeneuve CAN 48:33.2
Women's 10km Classic
1 Wendy Wagner USA 33:19.0
2 Daria Gaiazova CAN 33:49.8
3 Aelin Peterson USA 33:58.2
4 Colleen Mortimer CAN 34:19.3
5 Tasha Betcherman CAN 34:43.8
6 Erin Quinn-Hurst USA 34:52.5
7 Kristina Trygstad-Saari USA 34:59.8
8 Andrea Nighbor CAN 35:04.2
9 Jacqui Benson CAN 35:09.6
10 Sarah Konrad USA 35:16.7

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