Saturday, November 30, 2002 - Latest News
Rotchev Wins 15km Classic World Cup

Russiaís Vassili Rotchev was the surprise victor in the menís 15k cross-country classic in Kuusamo Today.

Lukas Bauer, coming from a strong 2002 season where he placed 11th in the overall world cup, placed 2nd.

Axel Teichmann, junior world champion from 1999 and with a 5th from the 15k in Davos in 2002, took 3rd, his best World Cup placing ever. Teichman also skied very well in the relay last weekend.

Andreas Schluetter, one of head coach Jochen Behleís favorites for the season and 4th on the 50k in the 2002 Olympics, placed 4th. Rene Sommerfeldt, traditionally the best German was 5th and Ivan Batory 6th, Batory placed 8th in skating last weekend and looks set for a great season.

Rotchev now leads the overall world cup ahead of Tor Arne Hetland and Vinzent Vittoz.

The once feared Norwegian team did not do very well, Alsgaard did not ski, Aukland was the best, placing 9th.

Other notables:
Frode Estil 15th
Jaak Mae 16th
Per Elofsson 20th
Mikhael Ivanov 24th
Oddbjoern Hjelmeseth 25th
Andruus Veerpalu did not start


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