Saturday, September 8, 2001 - Perspective
National Junior Team Update

- By: Andrew Leoni

Written on August 19th, 2001

Training with the team has gone really well for me this summer. I've had to overcome a few problems as usual, (a broken metatarsal in June and some food poisoning recently) but nothing serious enough to really change things. We got back from a dryland camp in Rossland a few days ago. The weather was very nice and very hot but the workouts went well. I think it's good to change places once in a while and it's very relaxing to be on this kind of camp where all you have to concentrate on is training well. It was easy to recover well there because we had nice rooms, a meal plan, and the coaches, (Alain and Dave Battison) did the rest. It was a short camp but we got a lot of hours in for the time there.

The rollerski road is all uphill at different inclines which is perfect for always traing in the correct zone. We did a good number of zone 3 intervals during a skate session. Lately we've been doing a lot of intervals in this zone as opposed to zone 4. In past years I've also done a fair bit of work in zone three, but I ended up being to fast and out of zone because it's so easy to go above your lactate threshhold without noticing. This year with the team we've been doing a lot of lactate level testing during these intervals. It's definately improved the quality of my training because by adjusting the speed according to the lactate number from the last interval, you can get a good "feel" for the zone and can train correctly without just looking at a heart rate monitor. Also, it makes sense that training just below the threshold, (high zone 3 - low zone 4) will make the threshold increase over time which in turn will allow an athlete to go faster while eliminating more lactic acid from muscles. I like the idea of doing a lot of this in the summer because zone 3 is not very tiring and can be done in huge amounts compared to high zone 4 and up.

We even got an e-mail from Lance Armstrong and what sets him apart from the rest. In it, Lance gives credit to the aerobic training he does. He includes that the intervals he does are mostly below his threshold and this is how he can raise it to such high levels. The whole subject is very interesting because its never really been something I concentrated on or knew much about. Hopefully it will help us improve a lot this year. Tomorrow we are heading up to the glacier. The weather is looking good and I'm really looking forward to doing some on snow.

Andrew Leoni
National Junior Development Team

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