Thursday, October 31, 2002 - Waxing

- By: Matthias Ahrens

CERAX NANOWAX is one of the World’s first products made using chemical nanotechnology, which creates intelligent surface coatings with multifunctional properties.

CERAX is not a wax. It is a polymer, just like P-tex, the material that skibases are made of.

Even in changing temperatures, CERAX hardens or softens and adapts to the skibase and snow crystals to offer a wide performance range.

CERAX, being very easy to apply, is sometimes questioned about durability. The below diagram shows that it lasts not only as long as other waxes, but often exceeds the speed of other waxes after long distance. This is mainly due to the better dirt repellence of CERAX and the ultra thin coating for a free structure.

Canadian Ski team wax technicians spoke highly of CERAX at the Junior World Championships [Chandra Crawford, 12 th in Sprints on CERAX Pro 4] and at the season ending World Cup races in Scandinavia on CERAX Pro 4.

CERAX - The swift, simple way to save time and money
Racing wax CERAX PRO FLUOROCARBON PRODUCT[powder+sublayer]
Cost/pair $ 5.00 $ 35.00
Time 10 MIN. 45 MIN.

“How many skiers do you know travel to the highest level international competition with 7 bottles of CERAX , 2 brushes and one hairdryer- no iron, no scraper, NO OTHER WAX?”
Olav Stana, BC World Master Champion 2001 and 2002, 15 and 30 km Skate



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