Sunday, March 20, 2005 - Perspective Update: Winter Is Just Around The Corner

- By: Rhonda Sandau

Although the calendars are now turned to October, and the local radio hosts have insisted that summer has been officially over for almost a month, I have noticed several other indications that the seasons are changing. From my day to day experiences of ski training around Canmore, working at the local Royal Bank and studying for my Chemistry midterm, I have come up with my 10 top reasons for why fall is here and winter is just around the corner.

  1. The pinecone-throwing squirrels are out in full force. While running along the trails, I no longer look down to watch for tree roots, but am forced to look upwards in order to dodge the rapid fire of pinecones.
  2. The “fake-and-bake” bleached blond girl (who was regularly spotted walking along Canmore’s main street in her bikini top this summer) has finally put on a sweater. Mind you, the sweater would probably fit a five year old.
  3. In typical Canmore fashion, we have had our first snowstorm, allowing many of us in Canmore to set a new early season skiing record. However, I fully expect a Chinook to blow through next week and melt off most of the snow.
  4. The bull elks are strutting their stuff for all the females. They are showing off their nice “racks” as well as signing a couple of tunes for the ladies.
  5. The number of foreign accents that I have encounter while working at the bank has dropped considerably over the past few weeks. I have had more tourists come in and ask me “where can I buy a heater for my RV?” than “what’s the US exchange rate today?” 
  6. On a similar note, the average speed on Canmore’s streets has sped back up to the 50-km/h speed limit.
  7. Lately, I have found that some one my afternoon training sessions have been ending just as the sun is setting. Pretty soon I may be training in the dark! 
  8. Several Canmore skiers are now regulars at the Canmore public library. The books of interest range from economics and sociology to Spanish and philosophy. I personally am enjoying reading Chemistry: Molecules, Matter and Change. 3rd Edition.
  9. The tips of my ski poles are no longer sticking into the asphalt while I am out roller skiing. My hands and knees also have a few more scrapes and bruises on them, due to the increased number of rocks that are getting stuck in my roller ski wheels.
  10. Although I have already mentioned that the mountaintops are white, it should be noted that the mountain valleys are on fire. The larch trees have turned yellow, the aspens orange and the ground is now covered in red. I love the colours of fall!

Rundle Mountain on an early October morning

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