Monday, August 26, 2002 - Latest News Racing Team Announced

The Racing Team, Canada’s only Cross Country Skiing Factory Racing Team, is excited to announce the 2002-03 elite racing team members.  This determined and motivated group of skiers will represent and their supporting sponsors while challenging North America’s best ski racers for podium finishes on the Continental Cup and Canadian Loppet racing series.

Elite racing team members

Robin Mckeever:  2nd ranked skier in Canada; 1998 Olympian; 2-time Paralympic Gold Medallist, Salt Lake City 2002 (as blind guide for brother Brian Mckeever).

Timo Puiras:  7thplace-15km classic event, Canadian Nationals 2002; 11thplace-10km classic event, Continental Cup Sovereign   Lakes, BC; Silver-Sprints, 2000 Canadian Championships.

Rhonda Sandau:  Triple bronze medallist, Canadian Nationals 2002.

Carl Skinstad:  3rd overall, Alberta Championships 2002; 3rd place, Sprint Event-Canadian University Championships.

Phil Villeneuve:  5th ranked skier in Canada; 4thplace-15k classic and 30k skate-Canadian Nationals 2002; Gold medal-Canadian Winter Triathlon Championships.

Throughout their individual racing calendars, Racing Team members will also focus their attention on the promotion of the sport of cross country skiing throughout the Canadian skiing communities by presenting various activities and events to ski enthusiasts of all ages.  Here is a glimpse of some of the programs and activities will be offering this year:

  • Promotional Events Calendar:  Demo clinics and, ‘Meet and Ski Days’ will be presented with local ski clubs as we travel from race to race across Canada.
  • An Online Coaching Program will be launched, providing interested master skiers with an opportunity to get coached by members of the Racing Team members.  Program details will be described within the next few weeks.
  • Internet Based Instructional Videos:  These short videos will cover the basic elements of cross country ski training and technique.  The goal of this series is to provide a reference base for skiers and clubs without access to professional coaching.
  • Loppet Team

    The Loppet Racing Team has been created to increase the team’s profile in local events when elite members cannot participate.  We are always interested in receiving applications for this part of our team.  Check out for more information regarding applications and loppet team rewards.  Here are some of our current Loppet Team members:

    Werner Schwar:  Gold medallist-45km classic, 2002 World Masters Championships, Mt. St-Anne, Quebec; 10th place, 2002 Keskinada Loppet.

    John Groenveld:  1stplace (age category) – 2002 Canadian Birkebeiner, Edmonton, AB

    New Sponsor

    The Racing Team is pleased to announce the involvement of 2-time Olympian, Jaime Fortier, as a new team sponsor and guest member.  As new owner of the Canmore Cookie Company, Jaime will support the Racing Team and participate in some non-racing activities throughout our promotional events calendar.  Jaime brings to the team a wealth of knowledge and experience that will undoubtedly provide excitement within the groups she will be involved in.

    The Racing Team is an elite cross country ski team that has been created to support athletes pursuing international excellence while providing coaching resources at a grass roots level and contributing to the growth of the Canadian skiing community.  Our goal is to build a sustainable high profile racing team that will work with its sponsors to accomplish agreed upon targeted goals, while providing the team members with the means to achieve their dreams.

    Thankyou to our founding partners, and Foothills Nordic Ski Club and our sponsors:


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