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CBC Needs Feedback

CBC Sports would like feedback on its programming!

The CBC is currently doing a review into all of it's 'amateur' sports coverage. All sports and all coverage is under review and consideration. The goal is to determine the future of the CBC's 'amateur' sport coverage. What will it look like? What sports will get priority?

The sport of cross country skiing has had some coverage in the past few years but that coverage has been minimal even during the Olympics when we didn't even see our first ever medalist in cross country win her medal live! The CBC has committed minimal resources to our sport but we definitely need more attention and resources put into television coverage of cross country skiing.

In this review, it is felt that the CBC may adopt a 'core-sport' strategy, where they cover a few sports (which they will call their 'core' sports) with increased resources and cover a number of others with limited resources. We need to make sure that cross country skiing becomes one of those "core-sports". Although many people enjoy watching cross country skiing on TV, we need to emphasize it as a priority in the amateur sporting coverage.

We need to do something to ensure that the CBC knows that their efforts in covering the sport of cross country skiing is appreciated.

This is where you come in.

CCC is asking you to write a letter to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation with your support for the sport of cross country skiing. Please make your point clear and positive towards this sport.

Address your letter to:

Nancy Lee
Executive Director, CBC Sports
PO Box 500, Station 'A'
Toronto, ON M5W 3G7

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