Wednesday, July 24, 2002 - Athlete Perspective
Just Another Busy Day at the Office

By: Chandra Crawford

In my current profession as a full time athlete, life is very busy. Training sessions are my assignments, sleeping is my ongoing project, and joining my team for healthy meals are my meetings. My office is the pavement of the roads less traveled, the trails through the valley's and peaks of Canmore and the weight room where I am both an athlete and a DJ.

My job as an athlete involves a lot of travel, and for the past five days we've been stationed in Rossland, B.C. When we leave this conference-like training camp we are tired, but have learned a lot and can cross off a serious number of hours from our year plan total. The days are just packed here in Rossland where Al and the Junior Team have joined forces with Eric de Nys and the Alberta Ski Team for our second training camp of the year. The boss' is loading us up with as many assignments as possible so we are putting in some overtime during these next few months, but it should all pay off in a bonus of super-speed when we are hurting in a hard race this winter.

From the moment I woke up this morning my second thought was about training. I needed to locate a piece of equipment that is key to my job, my trusty heart rate monitor, and check out how my body was dealing with all this training by doing a heart rate test. (My first thought was: "It can't possibly be 6:00 already!") My whole day revolved around preparing for and recovering from some intense hours out in the field. I knew it was going to be busy so I started off with some exercise first thing in the morning, a little jog. Oh wait, my entire life revolves around exercise! Oh man.

Over breakfast I touched base with my co-workers and we went over the all-important details of last night's sleep and my partner Dash and I discussed whether it was going to be a t-shirt day or bathing suit top day.

We got our equipment together and got down to business, carpooling in a big white van to today's job site: a 12 km climb that we would ski many times starting at the American border in Patterson and finishing at our hotel. As I skied through the light and shadows along the road I thought about drinking enough Carbo-max and my technique. My focus occasionally melting into thoughts about the heat. I wonder what's hotter? Swimming in liquid hot magma or rollerskiing in Rossland? Was there a memo issued about our training camp being moved to the sun that I missed? I think my eyelids are sweating, and so on, but as soon as possible these thoughts were doused in Carbo-max and served up a tall, cold glass of positive thinking to get me through the workout.

I skipped the smoke break and chat around the water cooler to do some yoga out behind the hotel before grabbing a delicious, nutritious lunch and two hour nap. Before I knew it was time to go play outside again. There are hills to be climbed and balance beams to be conquered. So much work to do and so little time. Dasha, waking from her nap today lamented this time situation saying (insert your best Quebecois/Russian accent here) "24 hours?! This is just not enough! There needs to be at least 30 hours in the day!" I agree Dash, I guess we're just workaholics.

Canadian Junior Team skier Stephen Lowry gets down to the business of training in Rossland, BC.

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