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Draft Canadian 2002/2003 Racing Calendar

COC = Continental Cup

Nov. 9-10

Fairbanks Alaska

COC Sprint F, 10/15km Ski-Duathlon

Nov. 29-30

W. Yellowstone, Montana

COC 5/10kmC, Sprint F

Nov. 30-Dec.1

Sovereign Lakes BC

Canada Cup (FIS Sanctioned)

Dec. 5-8

Sovereign Lakes BC

Subaru COC & Madshus Sprint

1.sprint Free; 2. 5/10 km free indiv. start; 3. Duathlon or 1 day pursuit

Dec 14,15

Rossland, BC

Subaru COC

1. 15/30 km classic mass start; 2. Sprint

Disabled event:

Jan 4-12

Rumford Maine

U.S. Nationals/ Cont Cup

COC Jan. 4: 15/30 km. Classic

COC Jan. 6: 5/10km Free

COC Jan. 7: 5/10km Classic

COC Jan. 9: Sprint Free

Day 9: 30/50km F Mass-start

Jan 16-26

Trevisio Italy

World University Games

Jan 18-21 (22)

M Ste Anne, Quebec

SubaruCOC World Junior/Senior Trials and Eastern Canadians

(World Jr Trials 18,19,21 (22 Back Up))

Sat. 5/10 km Classic Indiv Start

Sun.15/15km. Free Indiv Start

Tues. Sprint Free .

Jan 25-26

Mt. Orford, Quebec

SubaruCOC Subaru World Senior Championship Trials

Sat. Dualthon or One Day Pursuit

Sun. 5/10 km mass start

Feb 1,2

Atlantic Championships

Feb 3-9

Soleftea Sweden

World Junior Championships

Feb 5-9 Pursuit, 15/30km F Mass-start

Soldier Hollow, US

U23 Worlds U-23 World Championships

Sprint C, Pursuit, 15/30km F Mass-start

Feb 8-15


World Disabled Championships

Feb 8


Canadian Birkebeiner

Feb 15,16


Keskinada FIS Marathon Cup and Sirius Sprint

Feb 18 to Mar 1

Val di Fiemme, Italy)

World Nordic Championships

Feb 22-Mar 1

Charlo, N.B.

Canada Games

Mon. 7.5/10 km. Classic Mass Start;

Tues. Sprint 900 m free

Thurs. Same Day Pursuit Cl/Fr: Men. 7.5+7.5; Women 5+5

Fri. Relay Cl/Fr : Men 4x5; Women 4x5

Sat. backup day if necessary

Mar 4-9

Duntroon, Ontario

Canadian Nationals (Events to be confirmed)

Tues. Short Dist. Indiv Start Free

Thurs. Jr. Long Dist. Mass Start Classic

Sr/Open 15/30 Mass Start Classic

Fri. CCUNC Relays Classic

Sat. Sprint Free

Sun. Jr. Club Relays Classic (Open Jr & Challenge)

Sr. 30/50 Mass Start Classic

Disabled events to be added

Mar 28-30

Yellowknife, NWT

Western Canadian Cross Country Ski Championships

Mar 29-Apr 5

Marquette MI

Mid West Spring Series

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