Tuesday, June 25, 2002 - Latest News
NTDC Update: Two Days of Testing

By: Shane Stevens

Summer training is back in full swing, and everyone has their roller skis and running shoes out of the garage for another year of dry land training. For the most part, the NTDC team training sessions have consisted of long roller skis, mountain runs and general strength training in the gym.

This past weekend, we did our first testing of the year, and I think it was a bit of a shock to the system for most people, not having done any hard intensity workouts yet. The first day was strength testing. In the morning we did the swim bench test, which tests double poling strength. And in the afternoon, we did a test which included a series of exercises such as dips, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and box jumps.

The second day started out with a 3000m run of the gravel track in Canmore, and then in the afternoon, we did the famous Canmore uphill time trial as the second half of a same-day pursuit. Once all the data is analysed, the tests should identify any weaknesses in areas such as endurance and power strength, technique, lactate clearing abilities, and mental toughness.

In the uphill time trial, we were also taught a bit of a lesson by Ebisawa Katsuhito. Ebi is a member of the Japanese Ski Team who has been to two Olympics and has been very close to the top 10 on the World Cup and World Championships. He is living and training in Canmore throughout the summer, and trains with us quite often. Ebi had the fastest uphill time by 40 seconds, and I think it was good for everyone to see the speed of one of the top World Cup racers.

Anyway, when everything is said and done, I think everyone did pretty well and should have a good idea of the areas they have to focus on for the rest of the dryland season. We will do these types of testing days several times throughout the year, and we should be able to monitor our progress, and ensure that the training we are doing is paying dividends.

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