Friday, June 7, 2002 - Latest News
Bourgonje, Wirz, and Whiting recognized in Saskatchewan

Colette Bourgonje, Kaspar Wirz, and Jeff Whiting were recognized on Monday by the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan. Attending the ceremony were 20 Saskatchewan memebers of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Team, the 2002 Salt Lake Paralympic Team and 2001 Anchorage Special Olympic Team. Also in attendance were many school groups keen to meet their sporting heroes.

Colette Bourgonje was recognized for her participation in the 2002 Paralympics, were she finished 4th, 6th and 9th in the sit-ski competition. Kaspar Wirz was recognized as the coach of the Paralympic nordic team and Jeff Whiting as the nordic team manager.

Mr. Don Toth of the Saskatchewan Part also commented during the assembly on the fact that most of Saskatchewan's Olympians were forced to leave the province to find adequate training facilities, saying "many of these Olympians don't live in our province any more. And we ask ourselves why did they leave the province? And in some cases, they left the province because the training experience that was needed to achieve the goals and their aspirations just wasn't available in this province." He also added "I think if individuals of this nature even are going to consider moving back to Saskatchewan, we're going to have to build an infrastructure that would give them a reason why they should move back to Saskatchewan."

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