Sunday, June 2, 2002 - Athlete Perspective
NSDT Update: Camps and Fines

By: Devon Kershaw

Well, it's May 29th and my team update was due on May 27th. What does that mean for Devon? It means that I owe my team $100 for my tardiness. It's the new rule and it is chum, chum big time.

So, camp life. In case you didn't know all three national teams and the Canmore training center are on Vancouver Island right now doing a ski camp up at Mt. Washington. It has been a great camp so far, lots of skiing, training and all that fun stuff. We are very lucky to be skiing in May. I can't believe it! I was also shocked that so many children and adults were skiing here from the local club this past weekend. This club is hardcore if I have ever seen it!

Camp life is very low key. All I do (sorry if I bore you with the details...) is wake up at 5:50am (thanks to my roommate Adam Kates), eat breakfast and then drive up the mountain and train for about 3hrs. I come home, nap, eat then train again for a couple hours in the afternoon. After that, some reading and eating then it's sleep time for me. How exciting is that?! Not very eh, but I love it. It is really fun.

Ok, now it's time to tell you about the worst day of the camp (Wednesday). I wake up at 6:30am, train (a beautiful rollerski on some back roads around Oyster Bay) and then when I get home in a great mood, Mike tells me that my article is late and I owe the team money. Yeah, that sucked. Moving on, we went sea kayaking in the afternoon, sounds like fun? Well, it really was, there were some nice waves out there on the Pacific and everything was going fine until… On the way home I was kayaking with Charles Nadeau and then POOF! He was gone! I couldn't believe it, I paddled around where I last saw him but I couldn't make anything out. Then I saw his paddle… It was a sad state, an Orca mistook Charles for a big giant seal and attacked his Kayak!!! It was the craziest thing ever! I freaked, but then I saw Charles swimming in the water a little ways away and picked him up. It was tight for two people in a one man boat but we made due. Well, I really wish I had an exciting story like that which was true, but it didn't happen. We saw no Orcas but we did see some seals! What really happened was that on the way back to the car, I was telling a joke (surprise!) to Chandra Crawford and then during some rapid seizure type movements in which I made, my hat and new Briko Lucifers fell into the ocean. Instead of grabbing my glasses and hat Chandra just laughed hysterically and told me that I was an idiot. Again, I lie… my glasses sank to the bottom of the ocean very quickly, lost forever. Chandra did all she could, but it was no use.

That was my bad camp day. I lost my glasses and lost $100 dollars. Then Mike told me I was losing my hair. I cried for my mom, then wrote this article. I hope you enjoyed it! But in short, camp rules. A week left and then back to good old Canmore!

Ciao for now,
Devon Kershaw

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