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Hypoxic Training System for Sale

The Hypoxic Tent System (HTS) is a portable, state-of-the-art, altitude simulation system. It allows the user to develop and maintain the physiological benefits associated with altitude training while sleeping or resting. It eliminates the need to travel to mountainous locations to obtain the "altitude effect". Essentially, the Hypoxic Tent brings the mountain to you!

For Sale By Owner:
Hypoxic Training System - "Altitude Simulation"
  • Generator,
  • Large Cubicle, (Walk in) -tall enough for bulk beds or to stand up inside
  • Oxygen monitor
  • High Altitude Adapter
  • Travel bag
  • Instructions

  • Visit- www.hypoxico.comfor details on the system

    Canadian Price: $12500.00 (new) will sell for $9500.00 obo

    I purchased the system in September 2001- (It is 8 months old)

    Contact Glenn Bond - or

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