Thursday, January 31, 2002 - LatestNews
Smigun Cleared in B Sample

Christina Smigun, the leading Estonian cross-country skier, is set for the Olympics after all. Smigun's A test after a race in December was positive for illegal steroids, a measure of 6.4 vs. a legal limit on 5. The B test, however, turned out positive for Smigun, a measure of 4-2, well below the 5.0 limit.

FIS, the International Ski Federation, did handle the tests, not WADA.

From Smigun's homesite:

Estonian Ski Association recieved fax today from FIS where Kristina's B sample took on 12th of December last year is negative. This means that Kristina is not guilty and is free to compete on forecoming Olympics in Slat Lake City.

A-sample showed 6.4 ng/ml level of 19-norandrosteron which is 1.4 ng/ml higher than limit allowed by WADA. B-sample showed 4.2 ng/ml.

"I am happy that all ended with such result", said Kristina. "I want to thank God who brang out the truth and all of these people who did not leave me on this hard moment and believed in me."


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