Friday, January 25, 2002 - Perspective
World Junior Team Update

- By: Madeleine Williams

Well, racing is now in full swing! Things are going well and spirits are high. In the past week we have seen Connal turn 19 ( January 20th), Dave and Sean finish their first 30km race, and Jo arrive on Saturday, completing the team.

Opening ceremonies were great, the Germans pulled off a 2 song dance party AND a choreographed fireworks display. The 30km and 15km races went great with all four women within 30 seconds of one another. Today we raced the 5km and 10km skate races. Some are happier than others with their result but it's an all 'round great team! The next few days are sure to fly by: Shayla's 20th birthday tomorrow (January 25th, don't forget), the sprints, and relay. We are all excited about the sprints because we have been saving Chandra as our secret weapon (well, and sprints are always fun). A very excited trip is nearing culmination, and I know that I for one am very excited to go back home for a while! We miss you all!

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