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Canadian OPA Tour Team

The following athletes have been selected to the OPA Tour:

George Grey Chris Jeffries
Denis Vachon Gordon Jewett
Drew Goldsack Dan Roycroft
Charles Nadeau Shane Stevens

George Grey and Chris Jeffries were selected according to the requirements in the criteria.

Denis Vachon was selected despite being ranked 13th, because he did make the CCC FIS points eligibility standard in November.

The remaining athletes 5 athletes did not meet the CCC FIS points eligibility standard but were selected to the team from the ranking list because of the unforeseen circumstances that limited the number of opportunities to make the selection criteria. This circumstance was defined in the updated OPA tour criteria that was published after the cancellation of the Dec. races. These athletes will pay a trip fee of $1250. This fee will be refunded if an athlete meets the CCC FIS eligibility standard while on the OPA tour.

Athletes born 1974 or earlier were not selected. This decision was made on the premise that the OPA tour is development in nature as defined in the selection criteria: "Athletes born in 1974 or earlier will be expected to qualify for teams that will compete at the highest International level. This level will be defined as the Olympic Winter Games, World Championships, and World Cup."

Tom Holland, National Ski Team Chair

News Source: Cross Country Canada

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