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Lindsey Weier 14th in World Junior Championships

Lindsey Weier (USA) led the North American contingent at the World Junior Championhips today, with a 14th place in the women's 15km mass-start classic race. Weier finished 2:06.7 behind winner Eugenia Kravtsova of Russia, who finished in a time of 44:00.0. Ellen Sandbakken of Norway and Mona-Liisa Malvalehto of Finland were second and third.

The top Canadian woman was Madeleine Williams in 41st position, 5:37.9 behind the winner. North Americans results:
14. Lindsey Weier (USA)
26. Tara Hamilton (USA)
41. Madeleine Williams (CAN)
42. Colleen Mortimer (CAN)
43. Kristina Trygstad-Saari (USA)
44. Emily Hayman (CAN)
45. Jordan Seethaler (USA)
49. Shayla Swanson (CAN)

The top North American in the men's 30km mass-start classic race was Zachary Violett (USA) in 40th position, 7:38.1 behind the winner, Aivar Rehemaa of Estonia, who finished in a time of 1:27:50.2. Maxim Bulgakov of Russia was second and Eivind-Juul Pedersen of Norway was third.

The top Canadian was Devon Kershaw in 49th position, 9:41 behind hte winner. North American results:
40. Zachary Violett (USA)
48. Andrew Newell (USA)
49. Devon Kershaw (CAN)
50. Jesse Carlstrom (USA)
59. Ryan Foster (USA)
60. Sean Crooks (CAN)
61. David Nighbor (CAN)

Complete results are available in PDF format:

Canadian performace curves are available by clicking here.

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