Tuesday, January 22, 2002 - Perspective
World Junior Team Update

- By: Colleen Mortimer

Hi, this is Colleen for update number 3. Now that Emily's bag has arrived it's time to pack up and move out again. We're getting ready to leave for Schonach tomorrow morning. The six hour drive will be "peanuts" when compared to our 32hr world wide adventure. We've been pretty busy here in Ramsau. With a race, trip to Salzburg, skiing, sleeping, a short trip to Schladming and plenty of dance routine practice there hasn't been much time to worry about these little, (or not so little!) races coming up.

Arriving in Schonach will mean a change in focus as well as in location. Although the whoopee cushion will still come along we may have to settle down a little and focus on racing. I'm excited to see what things will be like in Schonach having never raced at a World Championship before, or even in Europe for that matter. It should be a fun second leg of the trip and I'm excited to race and to learn lots of new things. Anyway, I guess you'll have to wait to hear about Germany in the next report.

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