Saturday, January 19, 2002 - Perspective
World Junior Team Update

- By: Emily Hayman

This is Emily Hayman signing in:

Well, let's see, so far this trip has been quite an interesting experience. LITERALLY. The whole team started our 32 hours and 10 minutes of travelling with a 3hr drive from Charlo to Moncton. So far, So good...BUT...ahhh, our plane was delayed for almost an hour because of technical difficulties, causing us to miss the connecting flight in Toronto. Nice, very nice. So after all the troubles and running through airports (running through airports is actually a very hard workout) the whole team made it to Zurich.

Now the little problem of baggage...the question is, are we going to get any of it? Well, here's what happened...every single person received their baggage.....except, for me!! Ok, I actually did get my ski bag, but hey, I have no clothes and I'm in Europe. Isn't that great!! But I think I've been handling the lack of my clothes bag pretty well. I admit I've had to use salomon boots and bindings but don't worry, it has just made me appreciate my own nice alpina boots even more. I still don't have my clothes bag. It's supposed to come in tomorrow (the 16th).

Besides all that, Austria is absolutely amazing. I have never been to Europe before, and so far I'm impressed. I think I'm going to have to watch what I eat. Lets just say it would be quite easy to gain wieght. I've been skiing a lot since I arrived here (in Ramsau) and the team went in one race. I came third (man I was tired). I've been learning a little German, and even some Russian. I can ask for a beer (that's a must...) and say hi and good morning.

The past couple of days have been pretty hard because we are all getting adjusted to the time change, so one of the rules is no napping (brutal). So, to pass the time the girls team: Chandra, Shayla, Colleen, Madeleine and myself are making up a huge dance routine. At this time we are still learning and practicing the moves. By the end of the trip we are going to be great at it. It's the main thing that we do during the day...practice the dance routine. It's awesome, and really fun.

Well, I think we are all going to bed now, its 9 o'clock. That's way past my bedtime. Goodnight.

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