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Foothills Coaching Announcement

- By: Robert Hogg

Foothills Nordic Ski Club is pleased to announce the addition of Robin McKeever and Phil Villeneuve to our coaching staff. Phil and Robin will be working with Head Coach Eric de Nys and the FNSC volunteer coaches to ensure ongoing athlete development while Eric supports the Canadian Olympic Team in Salt Lake. After Eric's return, Phil and Robin will continue to support and further enhance the focus on technique and athletic development that Eric has helped foster in all of Foothill's programs.

Through their sharing of the assistant coaching duties, and the support of FNSC volunteer coaches, both skiers will be able to maintain their heavy racing calendars. After competing at the Silverstar Continental Cups, Robin will continue his racing schedule with 2 weeks in Europe guiding for his brother Brian in preparation for the para Olympics in March. Meanwhile, Phil, skiing for the X-C.COM racing team, has a heavy loppet schedule including the Birkie, Keskinada, and Foothill's own Kanaaskis Ski Marathon as his preparation for Nationals.

These two athletes are among Canada's finest, with a training knowledge and commitment to our sport that reflects their passion. As a club, we believe our investment in coaching is an investment in Quality for all our members, and are delighted with the additional quality that Robin and Phil will bring to our programs and the Foothills Nordic coaching family.

Robert Hogg
Racing Director
Foothills Nordic Ski Club

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