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Canadian National Ski Championships

We have approvals to run the Sprints on the Downtown Streets of Canmore! This showcase and fun event has already attracted media to Cross Country skiing and bodes well for Sprint day, Thursday March 7, 2002. Certainly the Canadian Rockies as a scenic back drop helps!! The Sprints are part of a week long festival of races.

The hosts, Canmore Nordic Ski Club, regularly host high quality races at the superb Canmore Nordic Centre, home to our Canadian National Team.

To assist racers, coaches, teams, families and friends the club has arranged:

  • Discounted air travel with Westjet;
  • Accommodation deals with local hotels, lodges and motels;
  • A week long Nordic Centre skipass to test wax and train;
  • Access to the Recreation centre (great hot tub!);
  • Discounts at local eateries and stores;
  • A great allcomers Citizens race to celebrate our sport;
  • Discounted beverages;
  • New 'Nationals' apparel;
  • And, for a recovery day, access to the Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing festival (to look at snow and ice in it's vertical format!!)
  • The Town of Canmore and the community as a whole has already been really supportive in assisting our plans and we look forward to welcoming skiers to this delightful setting.

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